America Is Still Racist & Always Will Be: Black Life Has No Value In the United States

Tragic Florida teen Trayvon Martin

Why did anyone expect anything different in the Trayvon/Zimmerman case?  I already knew Zimmerman was going to walk, not because I felt he was innocent and not because there wasn’t sufficient evidence, but because the value of blacks’ lives in this country is fodder; same with Hispanics and pretty much any minority in this country.  In America, Black and Hispanic issues are just thrown overboard and we’re labeled as “thugs” and if you’re Asian, Indian or any other less than 1% minority, you’re just plain ignored and not acknowledged at all as if you don’t even exist. When tragedies happen to predominantly white people, all of a sudden the country is having candlelight vigils, moments of silences, getting off work early, changing laws and the Constitution to make sure it never happens again. Your problems get played down and not held with any hard significance or regard, this includes also your life.  If it did, I’m pretty sure that Zimmerman’s confrontation with Trayvon would have never happened in the first place.  In America, it is perfectly fine to pick a fight with an unarmed man, woman or child, then draw your weapon on them to shoot to kill if they physically react and it’s double jeopardy if you’re a black male no matter what your age.  In the eyes of the status quo, they see it as “doing the public a favor because they are ‘thugs’ anyway”, but lo, you aren’t suppose to pull the race card, even though it was they who drew the deck, because ya know we don’t have a race problem in this country anymore since we now have a mulatto (*cough*) I mean black Preso as the seal of confirmation! I call bullshit on that.

Race is still an unspoken deciding factor in this country, while it claims to be an equal society on paper, interactions with actual people sometimes proves what’s on paper null and void.  Race will always be a factor because it is human nature to collectively bind with people who look like you.  Don’t believe it? Then why is it that although segregation isn’t legally in effect anymore, most Americans still live in neighborhoods in which they reside with people who are of the same race? You don’t have to have a law in place to see that humans selectively choose to segregate themselves, with or without a law, with people whom they can physically relate to.  Take New York City for example. I used to live there and Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Jews, Polish, Italians, Germans, etc tend to all selectively separate themselves from each other. Technically you can live in any place in NYC you want, but when I was living there in the 90s, some streets you just didn’t cross and some neighborhoods you just didn’t go to because “the people don’t want you there”.  Not saying that it’s a bad thing, there’s nothing wrong with having a Little Italy or a Chinatown, but I’m saying it causes people to react differently to each other when you are confronted of someone of a different race and/or out of your element, of a different culture and they don’t react in the same way to the same stimuli that you do; some people will take that interaction as an offence or as you being just an asshole and want nothing to do with you and “your kind”.  You see it at the store.  You see it at home.  You may even see it in your neighborhood.  It’s the “change of attitude” that you get when you’re standing in line at the grocery store and the white person in front of you is greeted by the cashier in a friendly chatty conversation and demeanor, then when it’s your turn, the white cashier just says “hi” or nothing at all.  People will try to play the Joker card and say “you’re being too sensitive” or “oh it’s not about race, maybe she just didn’t want to be as friendly to you”, but we all know the elephant in the room, it was race, how your brown appearance immediately strikes the white person to have less respect for you because you don’t look like them, or you’re there to start trouble or even rob them, even though the words are not said.


If you are a brownie in the United States, sure you can walk around free no one is physically lynching you, no one is technically harassing you, but in the background the law and the judicial system has been and never will be on your side if you get caught up in it even if you are the victim. Ever. Point blank.  That is, unless you kill another brownie, then the status quo feel like they’ve “killed two birds with one stone” as one blackie is six feet under and the other is doing life imprisonment to fuel our industrial prison complex.

See, some white people won’t understand because they can’t understand the racial profiling and harassment that goes on everyday in poor neighborhoods by police, namely black poor areas. You cannot see another person’s perspective of life if you have not experienced it yourself, sure one can sympathize with them but you will never empathize and because of that, your issue gets blown off by the powers that be. They don’t live in poor black areas in general, they don’t care about them, and I’m not expecting or asking them to.  When white people come to black areas, mainly cops, they come to fuck with us.  I have seen people minding their own business before and then the police just come to fuck with them. That is mainly why you will see mostly white people supporting Zimmerman and nobody else.  Their thinking goes like this “if you are ‘innocent’ then you wouldn’t have gotten yourself in the situation in the first place'”.  That is how alot of them take on this dangerous form of  thinking without taking in account the events that led up to the event to happen in the first place and they think like that because they don’t experience the same problems that blacks do. They don’t know how to react to the situation so they take on this “oh well, shame on you, better you than me” mentality and I know this because I see it.  The United States is two-faced and its mantra is a double standard, point and simple.  And before you go off whining about me being a liberal, I am not, I am as far from liberal as Superman is from kryptonite and I hate political correctness; I don’t take sides, I just call bullshit when I see it whether liberal or conservative it makes me no difference.

Nevermind that last year in my state an innocent black man is now paralyzed because he got shot for reaching for his ID in his car at a car check because the cop was paranoid.  Truth be told that these situations happen because, and I am going to say what some white people are afraid to admit, that some white people are afraid of black people.  And some white people when you call them out on it, they start playing stupid like they don’t know what you’re talking about; white people are very good at sitting with their mouths shut, pretending to take your side and pretending problems don’t exist so as not to ruffle feathers; they don’t want to start no trouble because they don’t want to risk their lives, family and their precious property.  And when I say some white people, obviously I am not meaning all. If you are white, and this doesn’t pertain to you, then obviously you are not the demographic of white person I am talking about. And when I say some white people, I am referring to white Americans because this train of thinking seems to only come from these “special” groups of people.  White people from other countries seem to have a much better grasp on the concept of life, because they don’t come from spoiled countries, than these delusional white Americans even to the extent that even white non-Americans question their method of thinking, hence why Americans get coined as being “stupid”. This percentage of delusional white Americans see black on black crime on the news so when confronted in a situation such as Zimmerman and Trayvon’s, they’d rather shoot you dead to “remove the threat”. So give them a gun, their balls get bigger and they think they are doing the country a favor by removing you from it and have no problem doing it. Its the “Good vs. Evil” syndrome that most of the time comes from fanatical religious beliefs a.k.a. Christianity.

I’ve even seen people say Trayvon shouldn’t have attacked an armed man.  Well, some people have no fear of guns when it comes to fight or flight, I can testify to that.  One night I was robbed at gunpoint and for some reason although the man had the gun pointed to my head, I thought nothing of it, pushed it out my face and grabbed the fucker by the shirt.  I had no fear whatsoever.  I still got robbed but I didn’t go down like a bitch huddled in the corner either.  Now that the event is over and I think back on it, perhaps it was not smart to to challenge a thief with a gun, it could have went badly, but at the moment all I was thinking of was attacking him back. I didn’t say a word at him, I didn’t beg for my life, I just swung without thinking; it was a reflex. Maybe it would have played out differently if I were a man but still, the fact remains is when you are put in the situation of when your life is in danger, you DO react differently and unless you’ve have experienced that kind of moment, then you don’t know and never will.  It is this fight or flight that probably the 9/11 plane victims went through when their plane got hijacked and they attacked the hijacker while he piloted the plane and the plane crashed into a field.  When your life is threatened, people attack back.  Maybe Trayvon experienced this, saw the gun and decided to put this man out of his misery before he put him out of his; but dead people can’t talk.

So people, if you are black, get it through your heads you are not an equal in this country; your life is of no value in the grand old United States.  If Trayvon were white, Zimmerman would either have not taken any notice to him and if he did approach him, Trayvon would have walked away with his life to at least tell his parents about it. A blackie or brownie cannot do the same things as white people do in this country and get away with it or at least even get away with it while still keeping their life.  It doesn’t matter if the other person instigated the situation or not; your verdict is death, no matter your status, and that person has the green light to do it for our court system.

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, if black people want equal respect in this country, we are not going to gain it by playing by “their” rules.  We’re going to have to put ourselves in positions of power to control the hands that are screwing with us; a.k.a. be head of the police department, not just another policeman following orders. Be the Judge and not on the jury panel.  Be the government officials over predominantly black areas to make sure the needs of the poor are being met. How high does the body count have to get and how many minorities have to be imprisoned before people actually do something about the fixed system of racial profiling in this country?  White people make up 82% of this country’s population however they are less likely to get jailed than a Black or Hispanic person. Are you telling me that white people commit less crimes despite there are 230 million of them here and only 32 million blacks?  I highly doubt that. What it means is that sure, white people commit just as many crimes, if not more just because of their sheer numbers, but they don’t get convicted for their crimes.  Why? Because either  they have the sympathy of court and get off with only a slap on the hand or because they have the money to hire the lawyers to play their “games” which is what has happened in the case of Zimmerman.  It’s a game. And whoever can pay for the highest defense to play the cards wins.  Our court system is obviously a game to stall things out only to stand on the wrong side of history all over again, and like our government, is already proven to be corrupt, so how can anyone expect to gain any leeway in this country if all our tools, which are owned by your enemy, will always rule in favor of your enemy?  How can anyone expect to win like that?  Would you play a game of Russian Roulette with the gun your enemy gave you and told you to trust it?

I’m a gamer and I know a game when I see one and we are all getting played, black, white, poor, child, woman, and middle-class.  So in honor of the injustice against Trayvon Martin, I created World of Warcraft character Trayvonsßane. I wavered between a Paladin, because Paladins are suppose to be about judgement and justice and a Death Knight but went with a DK because it’s my favorite class and is essentially a Paladin but is dead; I’d never loyally play a Paladin anyway. He will be strictly a PvP character to slay motherfuckers.


If you want to check him out sometime, you can find me livestreaming on Twitch

Well that’s my spin on the Trayvon case and Zimmerman’s verdict.  Don’t care if you agree with me or not.  The case was not only a failure of race in this country but also a failure of gun laws, as it is just too broad of a law to the point where ill-minded people can twist it, abuse it to use it to their advantage to seek their corrupted means and then hire a slimy lawyer to get off such as Zimmerman did. He is now officially the most hated man in America and maybe even possibly the world so he will probably be living in hiding for the rest of his life; it’s not like he can hide his big-ass potato head no matter what disguises he uses. I don’t believe in gods and stuff, but if there is a god, may there is a first class ticket waiting for Zimmerman where he’s shot in the torso and forced to drink iced tea and Skittles while having his eyelids cut off so he can’t close his eyes and forced to look at Trayvon’s portrait forever.

To black parents of boys, watch them and don’t let them out of your sight because people don’t give a shit about them and will slaughter them dead without even a second thought and now the racists have been given a green light to do just that with no judicial hinderance. #MURICA


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