For months I’ve been desperately trying to get the auto import blog feature to work on Facebook to no avail; it would never import anything and based on other Facebooker’s complaints, it seems to have been going on for over a year. I’ve started using an app call RSS Graffiti which has worked flawlessly (to my surprise). So today, curious to see if any repair has been done to the auto import blog feature, I was going to give it a try again. But rather than the link to add a blog I get this message:

Translation: “We don’t know how to fix it so go use something else”.
What their cop out fails to cover is that what if it’s your own blog? You don’t want to have to publish every single link in your blog everytime you create an entry; you want it to autopost hence the need for the auto import blog feature. Duh!.

Good job Facebook!


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