Black People Cannot Be Racists

RacismI promised myself to keep politics off my blog but I felt this one was worthy of a post.

Yesterday while on one of my internet endeavors  this guy, who was white, says he used to live in Baltimore and the black people there were racists. He claimed he went into a McDonald’s and they refused to serve him because he was white. Now, I believe I am a fair person, and being that this was a conversation on the internet, Internet rule #14 says “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” because most of the time the person telling the story will 98% of the time make themselves “the victim” when they were the antagonist.

I’m pretty sure there was a lot more to the story than this man was revealing because I have a hard time digesting that he just walked into an all black McDonald’s, the employees just randomly decided to make it “No Whites Wednesday” and wrote on the Today’s Special sign “Sorry, not serving white people today”.  I think the more realistic version of the story went something like he walked into an all black McDonald’s, consciously or unconsciously presented himself as an ass or disrespected one of the employees, then they decided not to serve him or caused him hassle as a reaction to that.

But assuming that his story is true because I can neither prove or disprove his claim, I chimed into the conversation and said, “Black people cannot be racists”.

First I want to make my disclaimer that I am not talking about all white people.  I am talking about some of them so don’t get all bent out of shape thinking that I am making a blanket statement about all white people.  Some white people see the people I’m about to talk about every day and they reject them and stay clear of them; good for them. Good job on your first step to recognizing that some of the things you do on a normal basis is perceived by others to be offensive or condescending.  Your exposure to these kinds of white people though is dependent on where you live, some experience these things, some don’t. Be smart enough to decipher that I may or may not be talking about you, but if you feel some guilt behind it, then I probably am talking about you and only you. Let’s begin.

I don’t know if my fellow sheeple in this country have noticed this or not, but recently in the last 4 years, notably since President Obama has taken office, that there is now a double-standard in the United States of America when it comes to black and white people’s relations. It seems that ever since good ol’ Barry took office, that somehow racism of whites on minorities has magically melted away so now black people are being called racists while prior you would seldom if ever hear that.  Black people cannot be racists and here’s why:

Black people have not oppressed or continue to oppress anyone in this country.  Blacks are neither in a corporate, media, financial, judicial or political position to do so and never have been, however, we all know that white people in this country are and have intentionally used their advantage of being in charge of businesses, the media, money, laws and politics to keep black people oppressed and suppressed because white people want to stay in charge and control of everything because they believe it is their country and no one else’s.  So I know you’re thinking well all white people aren’t in a position to do that, which I am fully aware of but I will hit on that later.

So after I told this guy in short words what I mentioned above, he then says,”Well it wasn’t me who did it, I would never enslave anyone and I wouldn’t oppress anyone!”.

My response to that was “While it may have been unfair for them to not serve you because you were white or other racial conflicts you have run into on your adventures in Baltimore, you cannot expect black people to treat you as an equal everywhere you go because you have to remember you never experienced slavery and you never experienced your rights of a human being being violated to even be able to tap into those feelings or relate to it. Sure you can feel sympathy and feel bad about it, but you will never have the capacity to tap into those feelings because it has never happened to you or your relatives”.

His reply to that was, “Well the blacks of today were never slaves just like I was never a slaveowner so they are racists for treating me like that”.

And my response to that was, “You have to understand that a group of people who share certain experiences will hand down those stories of these experiences from generation to generation and then when their children go out into the world and experience these same negativity and racism from white people first-hand themselves, how do you expect for those children to think any different of white people?  So do you think they should just brush it off until their next run-in?  No, it causes you to question and be skeptical of the genuineness of white people for the rest of your life. You question their intentions, their motives and anything in which they are involved in masses in. I didn’t even know what racism was.  My parents didn’t teach me about racism; white people did. Do not behoove yourself that racism against blacks no longer goes on in this country just because it’s not a movement being shown on your TV.  I am only 35 and I have been run off the road by two white men in a truck screaming “Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!” at me.  I have been called a “Zulu” by a white person who I thought was my friend. I have been told by a white man when I was selling something that he was not coming down to my area because “its the black area” and I can go on and on with stories I have and my family have about their run-ins with white people.  My ex-husband is Arab and I can count many times we’ve gone out and he was treated “differently” because he was Arab.

Just like your family handed down stories of your ancestors, black peoples’ families also hand down these same stories of their ancestors, the only difference was these slaves were their relatives, their great great great great grandfathers and mothers, people who they share blood with, people who’s heirlooms and belongings still remain in their houses, people who’s pictures are in the family photo albums and not in some book in the library; these were relatives that they have a bond with and love just as you have a bond with and love your own family. While your family may have handed down stories of prosperity and dreams, all Africans’ stories that were handed down were of despair, torture, fear, death, beatings, rape, murder, disease for hundreds and hundreds of years and America nor white people in general, never made good on it.  When we read their stories and see their pictures of slaves all we see is injustice, pain and hurt while all you see is just a picture of a black man who was a slave.  You do not carry the emotional baggage because you have and never will understand the black experience just as black people will never understand and probably as a people never experience the white experience.

It is not because you are white that they treat you like crap, it is because of the people and system you represent. For some white people, they continue to represent that same system and they aren’t even aware that’s what they are doing because it is so ingrained into white American culture that those same white people see it as normal (i.e. The Republican Party, the Mormons, The Tea Party, extreme southern Christianity).  It is this reason why white Americans are seen as arrogant around the world because the white culture has oppressed so many people while the white people themselves never experienced the oppression so white people see their behavior as normal and continues to do it because “it’s good for them”.  Most white people are completely oblivious to what their elite counterparts do or they know they do it yet continue to still fund and support them.  I used to think it was because white people knew and were ignoring it, but I have learned through life experiences that many white people are just clueless and are completely out of touch with reality with the destruction to other people around the world that their people have wrought all the in the name of money, democracy, religion and justice.  They open one eye to it, notice it, acknowledge it, and then roll back over to sleep because they don’t want to risk losing their material things or even their lives if they fight against their own system in which they have their hands in creating via owning stocks, money, or whatever support they give their white elite entities.

Many white Americans of today have never experienced a life-threatening hardship because of the genocide and crimes against humanity that their ancestors incurred on others so that they can live in comfort today and many white Americans are content with their own lives and they think that just giving to a charity is “enough”. So if the racial divide ever hits the fan in American, don’t count on most white Americans to pickup arms to defend your behind because they won’t be anywhere to be found. They will throw money at you, but most will never do anything physical. Thus they can’t relate or understand any of the people of whom their white elite counterparts have oppressed in their name, so they say “everyone is just looking for entitlements and whining”.  White people do not take the concerns and b.s. that the white elites have put on minorities in this country seriously so unless there comes a day when thousands of white people gather and die for minorities (which isn’t going to happen), we are never going to be taken seriously and the issues that plague the societies of minorities in America will continue.  The drugs and gun will keep right on coming.  And if we want the drugs, guns and other crap that destroys poor communities in this country to stop being supported by our governments and its financial backers, America is once again, going to have to go out kicking and screaming. That unless we, as Arundhati Roy states, we become unreasonable because we are dealing with unreasonable white elite people; no government wants a revolt or civil war on their hands.   Americans will have to die on American soil and I feel sharply that day is coming because now the everyday white American is starting feel the pressure of its own’s people corruption again through financial and political corruption that they now know exists.

This is why I believe black people have no place joining the military or government and then continue on with the same old politics that the white government has continued on for years around the world. When history of this era is written, I don’t want the name of my people tied up in the genocide of other people that white people have wrought around the world. I do not want the name of my people smeared through the mud and mixed in with the evil that whites have done all because blacks want to have the same rights as whites.  I do not want history books to read that the Europeans enslaved Africans, brought them to their country and then those same Africans turned around and did the same thing to the world that the Europeans did to them. If blacks want to join the military or government, then go in to fookin change it and not to just join it to become another tool and carry on with the same ol’ genocidal white supremacy bull crap.


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To black people in America white people represent a system that never compensated the African slaves for being wronged.  You represent the system that assassinated and murdered all of their black leaders that tried to make life better for blacks and the system in their way in the 1960s during the civil rights to block their way of getting and you continue to represent the system that supports police brutality on blacks, does not provide equal education in black schools and plants drugs and guns in poor black neighborhoods so that they kill themselves from the inside out.  While you personally are not doing these things, it is your white elites who are and since they do not and cannot interact with those white elites who are doing this, they react on the everyday white people; YOU.  You have to remember, this blatantly obvious systematic racial divide didn’t even stop until the 1960s but it continued on through racist everyday white people.  Every equal justice blacks got in this country only became to exist when blacks had to fight and die by the scores and America went out kicking and screaming.  These people who saw America kicking and screaming just to give people their human rights are still alive and are still sharing their experiences first hand and these stories of the slaves are still being handed down as well.  Eye for an eye is very strong in this country so just consider yourself inducted into the black experience of how it felt for blacks in the 1960s when they couldn’t go to certain restaurants because of the color of their skin.  When history was written years ago about early Americans,  it was written that the white race as a whole were racists; not just a pocket a few. Of course I am smart enough not to believe 100% of the whites back then were racists but the racist number far outweighed the non-racist thus white people as a whole were seen as racists until the non-racists started ruffling feathers to make their existence known that hey, not all white people are racists!  So why should black people see anything positive when they see you, when all you’ve represented is everything negative? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

So that is my take on why blacks cannot be racists; ask another black person and you’ll probably get a different story. Whites’ ancestors cannot torture a group of people for centuries and then expect no backlash to come out of it from blacks’ descendants,  but then call them racists when they do backlash. I do realize that the white people of today didn’t do that, but a culture of a people is the sum of all it’s past experiences, regardless of the beliefs of a select few, so it has nothing to do with you personally, it’s the sum of all the evil white people have done to blacks in the past which adds up to the negativity whites represent today and still continues today not only on black people but also Mexicans and Indians as well.

Racism is part of white American culture and thus many of you still carry on with these behaviors subliminally, some black people detect that, they react, and then you’re left wondering why those black people treated you a certain way. It’s because the behaviors of racism were handed down in your family of which you still do today and you see nothing wrong with it because in your mind, what you did made sense, when in fact your action was perceived by those black people as condescending or just blatantly racist. I believe that this guy’s body language or actions came off as being condescending or racist first, and then the black McDonald’s employees reacted.  You’re probably thinking well we should let by-gone’s be by-gone’s because its a thing of the past.  But again, that is the white racist culture mentality  because since racism is apart of your culture, whether you believe you are a racist or not, blacks accepting your ingrained racist behavior and not acknowledging it when they see it, means they are once again, forced to accept your racism and blacks are not going to tolerate that. Since your family has trained you into this racist culture, blacks and other minorities are now forced to train you out of it ourselves. How else will you learn to get rid of your hidden racism if you are not taught?  Think of it as “constructive criticism by example”. While black ancestors could not do that in the past or risk being killed or jailed, blacks now have the freedom to show you what they think of you when your hidden racist side raises its ugly head and checkmate you on it so you won’t do it again to someone else.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Had early white Americans and government apologized for slavery and properly compensated African slaves immediately after slavery was abolished, the extent of this animosity between blacks and whites today would probably not exist or would be a minority of people.  But even after slavery white people continued to harass black people for no reason at all when blacks were minding their own business building their own businesses, schools, finances and infrastructure and every single time black people got to a certain height, if it wasn’t the white government that destroyed it, then the everyday white people destroyed it and white people continue to destroy it even now today in both America and Africa today alike, through not so obvious means with lies, cover-ups, laws, codes and other compliances that they know we just cannot afford.  Then we have to start all over again and have to build from the ground up, or be like many poor black communities today, don’t be smart, accept the “cooperative” education you are given by the system, don’t raise any radical activists or leaders, stay poor, let the police “police you”, keep quiet and the white man won’t bother you.

Because early white Americans and U.S. government never righted the wrongs to African slaves in America, and even today still carries out that same tradition of not righting the wrongs of slavery, which in my honest opinion, would be too little too late by now anyway because the damage has already been done, everyday white people will continue to experience the backlash from black people over slavery, the civil rights movement and the destruction the white man has wrought in poor black communities today. Misdirected anger? Maybe, but it’s hard to even say it’s that because it’s a complicated issue and one could argue that it’s not misdirected anger either because mostly everyday white people continue to fund and support these same organizations that still harass black people today (i.e. police departments)


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Even though everyday white people don’t actively go out and shoot black people themselves, they continue to fund and support the police departments and military that do.  Some white people know this and will even call their own family out on it. One of my best friends is a white guy and he told me his family were racists and because of that he cut them off.  He moved out and doesn’t visit them; at all.  So, if you really want to change what black people think of you, then the change needs to start within yourselves.  No matter what you want to call it though, black people cannot be racists.

nicki-tyler619x464Now with all that being said, I do not believe that this gives black people a free pass to just run around indiscriminately trolling white people and pulling the race card about every single thing that white people do, I’m not talking about that kind of racism because some of it is just crude humor and misinterpreted statements. But if they do, then white people, I officially give you the “black pass” to shoot those people in the face with a paint gun.



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  1. I love it. Love it love it love it. Some of my favorite quotes were ". . .it has nothing to do with you personally, it’s the sum of all the evil white people have done to blacks in the past which adds up to the negativity whites represent today." And "Since your family has
    trained you into this racist culture, blacks and other minorities are now
    forced to train you out of it ourselves." Im feelling that.

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