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So my trip to Chicago is coming up at the end of the month … can’t wait because I want to get out Virginia so bad. My Canon camera, a PowerShot S1 IS,  is still broke because I procrastinated in mailing it in for repair.

I won’t get it back in time before the trip … aww but no worries I still got my SLR camera, my Digital Rebel; I just don’t like taking it because its so big just for a family trip and hauling around the lenses but it does take way better pictures than my S1 IS.  It’s just that my S1 IS is like a little Rebel I can put in my purse.

Both are great cameras though.  I really wanted my Rebel in the black model but I had bought it with what they had in stock for employees and they didnt have any black ones. I don’t mind the silver model … just it looks kinda of awkward with a silver camera and a black lense. I got them when I worked at Canon and I wouldn’t give them up for a million dollars. They’re both one of the best amateur/semi-professional cameras Canon has ever made. The problem with my S1 IS is the sensor went to shit.  When looking through the viewfinder or screen its just dark. It’s a known issue from when Canon bought some shoddy sensors from Sony … yea Sony sensors are in your Canon camera. That’s what you get Canon l2cre

ateyourownstuff now its cost you tons of money to repair what Sony broke.  It’s a known issue though so Canon says they’ll fix it for free so if you have a Canon camera (or any digital camera for that matter because Canon wasn’t the only one who bought their sensors) check out the Canon site to schedule a repair.  It happend to tons of cameras. I only use the camera like once a year and then last year I pulled it out to go to Chicago, took it with me to Chicago, we went to the museum, I pulled out the camera and bam … no picture. I was like wtf.  I had to resort to one of those cheap cardboard disposable cameras you get at like 7-11 the whole trip … bummer.

I bought them because I absolutely love photography. I am not a photographer by far but I love the hobby. I did take one starter college course on it though which helped my snaps. You can check out my Klick! photos on my Flickr Photostream to see the pics I took for the class. I really like macro photography with flowers because their colors can really jump out if played with right.The ones in my pics were taken at the rose garden at Huntington Beach in Newport News, VA.  My Mom said make a list of every place we want to go to when we get to Chicago and my aunt wanted to go to the botanical gardens so um yea I’m brining all my lenses so maybe taking my Rebel will be a better idea anyway. It’s just that I don’t have a macro lense for my Rebel but I do have one for my S1 IS. My mom bought me the macro lense kit for Christmas one year … not …. cheap. Not cheap because it was custom made for the S1 IS since Canon doesn’t sell a macro lens for it or any other lens for that matter because its lens does not come off unlike the Rebel where I can switch lenses. Its meant to be a “hey kids stand over by the idiot, pull out your purse and snap camera”. Although the pics I took were with my S1 IS in my photostream; yea they’re still effin awesome.


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