As you all may remember last year I took some pics from my cell phone and was able to post them while in route to Chicago for our family trip. Well, apparently, Sprint PCS has made some change to their system because now I cannot upload photos. And not only that but now there are @!#$% banners all over the bottom of my picture posts I make from my cell phone AND it displays my phone number when I post; whoever thought that was bright? Unfortunately, I had made a pic post a few days ago and it had been two days before I saw my web page and realized my cell phone number had been posted for the entire Internet to see for a whole 48 hours; talk about paranoia. So now I have to find a way around it. Hopefully I will be able to figure out a way before our family trip again this year. This year we’re going to Ontario, Canada, Wisconsin, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit! This year is going to be fun.

Also, I got a job Interview with Cannon so I hope I get it. I had one yesterday and I am suppose to have another one Tuesday; I have already been to the place 3 times so this has bound to be the one I finally get the job (a thousand hail Marys). I hope I really do get the job because I think it will open doors for me. What was really kick-ass was that I took the test on Wednesday and got them all right!! I got 30/30 baby. 7/15 on the camera test which they said was really good; a lot of people don’t have a clue. I got 2/4 of the MAC questions which is really surprising for me because I have never worked on a MAC. If I do get this job, that means I can check out some cool digi cams and take some bad-ass pics!



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