As I have been bragging this last week about buying my new Civic, well, today I get a call from my salesman talking about the bank is about to terminate my contract because they can’t verify my job(s). WTF!!!

These muthafuckas have both my pay stubs WTF do they mean they can’t verify my job information! I mean come-the-fuckin-on, have they not heard of Canon?! Ya know the camera people. It’s right there in fuckin front of them. So, you know I am really heated right now. I called the bank twice today regarding the issue and both times I was hung up on when they tried transferring me so now we have a band of people who don’t know how to use a PBX system. So then I tried calling another number they had and I stayed on hold for fuckkin-ever only to be hung up on YET AGAIN by the IVR system.

So ya know I am really angerrreee right now. I can more than pay for this car, a million times over. The damn payments are nothing but $200 or so per month. And then I added the Gap Insurance and warranty for an additional $160 fee.

If I have to go through all this bullshit, I am NEVER buying a car from Hall Honda again; the incompetence of their associates is overwhelming. They act like they can’t read paystubs and have never heard of a 1099 form before. Over a month ago, I spent over 15-20 trying to explain what a damn 1099 form was and how to read my paystubs to the so-called “Financial Manager”

So if they confiscate the car, I really don’t give a muthafuckin damn because I will be more than glad to trot right over to Checkered Flag Honda or Casey Honda. Hopefully they know how to read muthafuckin paystubs.

I thought I would be treated special as a returning customer but I see that don’t mean shit.

It’s like everywhere, everything involving customer service has gone down to shit. When I call my credit card company, I get sent to India and I don’t understand a MF word of what they’re saying. I go to some fast food restaurant and its like they throw the damn bag at me; my hamburger is all flat, moist and warped. Go to a store and the clerks spend more time poppin gum and jokin with people rather than trying to help you when they SEE you standing there. I mean, WTF is going on! Is something in the water?

Forgive me for all the cussing but you have to understand how pissed off I am. This is unbelievable. I can’t even enjoy my car when I have to worry about coming out of the house, or getting off from work, to find my car not in the parking lot because its been confiscated as a result of someone not doing their job correctly.

I swear this must be one of the worst car-buying experiences in history; I’m starting to regret it. Maybe I should have just stuck with the B16 upgrade on the CRX. If and when this does get cleared up, I am paying this car off in a year just so I won’t have to deal with them anymore. The car is on a 4-year loan but I can’t picture myself being latched on a teat with these MFs for 4 years. I’ll fuckin jump off the James River Bridge or die in a fire before I let that happen.


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