Got my ELITE Tyrannical Energy Staff today.  Nothing special about it because both the elite model and regular model have the same stats. The only difference from the regular Tyrannical Energy Staff, and all the Tyrannical gear for that matter, are completely cosmetic;

for priests the Tyrannical regular set is grey and red, the elite set is grey and white.  So because there are no gains in the gear, I only got the staff to go with my xmog.  The elite set costs the same amount of Conquest points as the regular gear but you trade in the one you already own for it.  So basically, you have to earn double the amount of Conquest points.  Most people probably won’t be doing all of that just to get the word “elite” on their tooltip and a little eye candy but for the large weapons like the staves and axes, it might just be worth it just for kicks.





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