Ever wondered how I got the gap between my front teeth?  If you look at all my kiddie pics, I don’t have a gap there because there wasn’t one.  Surprise surprise, they didn’t grow that way. It’s because when I was little I stuck pop sickle sticks between my teeth.  Don’t laugh.  Braces used to be bad bad bad.  You were considered a nerd.  Or the girl who played lame soccer.  Or just ew.  But now I hear braces are actually pretty cool.  So um yea … I’ll be a brace face.  Railroad track mouth.  Picket fence face.  Whatever.  I’m going to the dentist next month to check out my options; hopefully it won’t cost too much.  Doubt insurance will cover it as its cosmetic and not a medical problem although I could argue that it is because the gap has caused my back teeth to become compacted since theres’ not space left for them to grow.  Wonder how my reasoning will go in Dentist Court.


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