Well, my grades came out this morning at school … I’m kind of disappointed at my speech grade though. Funny thing was that the class I was worried about, I got a B in and the class I thought I was doing good in I got a C. Go fig. I must have done really shitty on my speech because I have made Bs on all my homework and other speeches. Oh well. Who fuckin cares. I only had to take one semester of it for my degree and I just need a C to pass.

Now my GPA is 2.7 … not good in my book. But then again, I have not gotten my grades transferred from CRC (Cosumnes River College) yet. I have an A in that one class that can transfer. Maybe I can redeem myself. I had a 3.6 GPA at CRC. I’m trying to keep my GPA above 3.0 if I expect to get into any *real* college of my choice of which I still really have not chosen yet.



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