How to Fix’s “Your Facebook account is already connected to another Twitch user” Message

Okay, I just went through the most frustrating thing when trying to link my Facebook account to my account.  Everytime I tried to connect it, I would get the message “Your Facebook account is already connected to another Twitch user”.  What’s even more frustrating is that there is no public answer on how to resolve it except for Twitch’s response to email their support. Well, if you’re like me, I’d rather sit in the line in DMV than waiting on someone to respond to a support ticket. Working in the tech world myself, I have no love for support tickets and zero patience for them so I tried to figure it out myself and I did.



Not going to lie, I had created several usernames in the past so I knew something was linked to it from long time ago, but I didn’t remember the username so I kept getting this message over and over again as I went through all the accounts I remembered setting up but it still didn’t fix it.  So just out of curiosity I tried this and it worked.


  1. Go here to access your applications in Facebook. If you don’t trust my link you can just as easily go to your Facebook page, click the gear in the top right corner, click Account Settings and on the left side click Apps
  2. Under your apps look for and delete it. If its not there don’t worry about it.
  3. Go to and logout of your account.
  4. Click Login
  5. DO NOT login, click the “Connect with Facebook” button twitch
  6. Go through the screens to link it and it will login with the actual Twitch account that is linked to the Facebook account associated with it
  7. Go to Settings in Twitch site and click Connections
  8. Then click to disconnect the Facebook account from Twitch
  9. Go back into your Facebook account under Apps and make sure it didn’t link itself back to your account, if it did just delete the app again
  10. Logout Twitch
  11. And login to the Twitch account you want to use and connect your Facebook account. Voila!



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