So I switched back to Vonage because the phone bill with cable just randomly went up from $17 a month to over $25 a month.  No warning. No notice, and no, I did not get my phone on any kind of discounted temporary special price.  It was suppose to be $11.99 for life and with taxes and surcharges it came to $17 for basic phone service. No special features, just a dial tone. Dumbdiculous, I know. I had been getting Vonage flyers in the mail for years and I finally opened it and it gave me some VIP plan with unlimited talk and 25+ features for $9.99 a month; with taxes it will probably get up to $15 a month I’m sure, but that’s still cheaper than Cox’s basic phone service for $25 a month for just a dial tone and not even voicemail.  I absolutely love how Cox brags about getting a discount when you bundle your services, phone, internet and TV … but then they jack the prices of the service up so you end up paying the full price of service even with the discounted bundle price. Smdh.  They do that in my area because there are no competitors.  No Cox. No internet, plain and simple.  That is unless you go with satellite internet, but who in their right mind would even do that.

So far I’ve been happy with Vonage.  They waived the 1 year contract because I told them I absolutely was not going to switch to them if I had to do a contract.  I expressed to them, I don’t do commitments because I know I’m going to break it once I see a cheaper deal .  It pays to be honest.


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