So today wasn’t so bad. Went to the museum, Chinatown with its streets aligned with dragon light poles, and at a place called Great Taste House which was great and the waiter was funny although I didn’t care that they automatically added the tip in the receipt when  I could of sworn a tip was optional, other than that it was cool.  We had lot of food left over and I liked eating as a family because we haven’t sat down at a table eating together in years. We had a turny thing in the middle of the table and we had to share the food because it was brought out on big dishes. The dinner ended with my cousin erling in the bathroom but the food was awesome.  On the way back to the van I picked me up a Chinese design fan and another set of Baoding Balls.  This time I got a set of balls with pandas in a blue case to go with my dragon and rooster in a red case that I already have at home.

After we headed home and I got “the itis” and fell asleep. Next thing I know I woke up to an argument going on over a phone memory card.  As the riveting tale went as narrated by both of them, while at the zoo, my god brother let my cousin borrow his cell phone but when my god bro got the cell phone back, his memory card was missing.  My cousin says he dropped the cell phone an the memory card popped out.  So later that night my cousin checks his phone and his memory card is missing too.  Seems like we have a memory card eating monster in our midsts. So argument ensued over that … the whole time I’m thinking to myself, there are people in the world dying from no food, there are people with no jobs, there’s a whole lot of angry shit going on in the world … and they’re arguing over a memory card. It’s for good reason I suppose though.  You can’t break someone’s property and then expect to give it back to them broken and expect not compensating the person back.  Testosterone.

But anywho, tomorrow’s the Botanic Gardens, Imma chargin mah lazer and ready to do some macro photography.


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