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Draeni Shaman: Last endgame Alliance toon I played up until the end of Burning Crusades when I called Alliance quits. Leveled to 80 and haven’t played it since.  I have since faction changed her Horde but haven’t even played it. Pictured here in what looks like part Tier 5 & 6.  I have to say this is my least liked toon I’ve ever played because she was enhancement spec, which has so much potential to be great but as enhancement it instead ends up being nothing more than a “tool” to everyone else in the raid.  I hated watching everyone surpass me in damage meanwhile their high damage was only the result of my own totems; without them their damage would be average.  But I had to listen to them brag and boast about how “op” they were … pfft.  Part of the reason why I quit the class. Hated being a tool to a bunch of assholes.


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