Today I have my English midterm and I’m not very eager in going. My English instructor is an asshole and he bores me like Sunday service. Furthermore I’m convinced he’s a redneck because he is always having us read stories where someone is called a nigger. I have been to two schools in California and we never read anything where anyone was called a nigger. Now here I am back in Virginia and we’re reading stories with that type of bullshit in it. No wonder the rest of the country thinks people from the South are stupid … because we’re forced by rednecks to read pointless, meaniningless, irrelevant bullshit like this which has no use in today’s world, and then we have to analyze it. My analyzation is that William Faulkner sucked as a writer and so did the rest of his ilk. I don’t give a damn about what anybody else thinks, I don’t care that he is suppose to be one of America’s best writers, I think his short stories are shit.

Why can’t we read something by Maya Angelou or Alex Haley? Something with some substance with meaning, definition, something with a moral to the story that can be used by everyone and not just “some” people. I personally don’t like reading stories where the black people in it are referred to as niggers and then they are only a house servant or slave; I don’t want to read that shit. Would you? And I am sure there are some white people in the class too who don’t care about reading that shit either. They don’t want to read stories where every other page or so, someone is being called a nigger. I mean, c’mon, I know it’s just a story but it starts to get under my skin when 8 out of 10 stories, someone is being called the “n” word. It makes one question if these stories are setup by the instructor or the school and also the *real* meaning of why we’re reading this. What’s *Really* going on.

The beginnings of America is not history, it’s bigotry and bullshit so I don’t see why it keeps having to be taught like its something to be glorified; even today there are white people who are living off the sweat and blood of the Africans and Indians but then claim their families were successful and that’s why they have a lot of money. Bullshit. I would be a millionaire too if I didn’t have to pay my workers. Me having both African and Indian ancestry, I guess I got fucked over two-fold and it pisses me off when I hear people say/ask that the Indians here still live in tepees and huts and still wear animals for clothes. It’s stupid shit like that that bothers me and its amazing that people believe that. But once again, it’s The South educational machine hard @work. Why can’t everyone just get along.

I know they have to teach American history but it bothers me that the educational system even teaches this racist crap in my English class as “literary work” and then compiled a thousand page book about it. If people keep teaching it as “art” and not history, then there are those people who come along and read it. And like the Jews and the Golden Calf, if you keep teaching it, eventually someone is going to come along and believe it. And thus so the cycle of racism never ends.


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