Yay! today I got some new shoes! I started this new work-at-home job so I have a lot of free time now. So while out I stopped by the mall and picked me up some Converse All Stars. I have always wanted a pair of these (they are sooooo cute) but my Mom was always broke so now I am able to get ’em on my own. I got them for $30 bucks at Lady Footlocker. I had originally asked for pink but they didn’t have em in the low tops, just the high tops and I thought “ugh”. No way. They said they are expecting more in though and believe me when they do, I will be the first drooling on the glass to get em. I love my new All Stars … seeeeee … .

I’m going to go see Day After Tomorrow in a few hours. (God this work-from-home stuff is great) and what’s even greater is that I’m going by myself AND IT WON’T BE CROWDED! I’ll let you know how many thumbs I give it when I come back. Cheerio!


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