I think a lot of people are having a hard time accepting that New Orleans is just gone like that. What took the French . I have never been there myself but when I look at miles and miles of water at the edge of roof tops, there is no fuckin way the city can ever become normally habital again. There is just no friggin way. As I watched the fly-overs and the vast panoramic view of the area, miles and miles, strecthes upon stretches of streets which are mostly waterways now, it does not look to me like the city is worth saving.

Bush says its going to take about $100 billion to repair the city but as I watched the ariel views of the damage, New Orleans, I think is what we call at work when we get heavily damaged cameras; Beyond Economical Repair. I mean come on … even their web site is down. The chief of police of New Orleans has said it, New Orleans is gone.

And the dumb-asses who stayed behind are going to be then next set of casualties because there is not going to be power for months. And if the power does get turned on and it turns out to be the firestorm like we had when Isabel took our power out, the surge of power to homes are going to cause them to explode into fires because people left their breakers on.

Let’s face it people, it is going to cost TRILLIANS to get New Orleans back and years and I’m not talking about a decade either. DECADES. I have been through Louisiana but never stopped in New Orleans … I feel kind of bad that it got obliterated before I ever got a chance to experience it.

I don’t believe the politicians. I think they are going to get months down the line and realize they can’t build N.O. from the ground up. It’s like building an entire city that was founded in the early 1700s in months! That’s impossible. Even if they get downtown back up, there are thousands of houses which have to be bulldozed and rebuilt from the ground up.

Let’s face it people, New Orleans is GONE. Beyond Economical Repair


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