I hate buying things online from people I know absolutely nothing about a.k.a. Ebay and now PayPal since Ebay bought them out a few years ago.  I haven’t used Ebay or my PayPal account in more than 5 years simply because I hate Ebay; always have. I never had a problem with PayPal (at the time) because PayPal was its own company then; wasn’t associated with Ebay at all.  You can read my past posts over the years of all my nightmares I’ve had to deal with on Ebay when being both the buyer and seller.  But anyways, since moving to my new place I had been checking through my boxes and I’m like I got a few things that have just been sitting in boxes for years I haven’t even used.  I have a guitar effects pedal set that I wanted to get rid of.  So I linked my PayPal account to my Ebay account and even had a PayPal debit MasterCard to go with my PayPal account that I haven’t ever used since I ordered it a few years ago.  I had gotten the card so once an item sells and the buyers pay me, I can just haul up everything to the post office and charge the shipping to the debit card.  I put the effects pedals up on Ebay for a really cheap $25 a pedal. All but  one sold tonight, so I’m like great. I got them all boxed up and printed out all the labels a few minutes ago ready to ship tomorrow.  I checked my email to a surprising email from PayPal saying the money received from the auctions I just sold, all the money was on hold and I would not have access to the money for 21 days because I have no account activity and the 21 days is supposed to leave time for customers to complain if they want to file a dispute. They said they will review my account every 35 days to remove the temporary hold.  WELL I DON’T WANT THE HOLD ON MY ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I’M JUST SELLING SHIT AROUND MY HOUSE THIS ONE GODDAMN TIME!!! I am not going to repeatedly selling shit on Ebay to care whats going to happen to my PayPal account status 35 days from now.  I mean well shit isn’t that what the PayPal Protection service is for? To protect your purchase in case you get scammed?  I’m like what the FUCK!!!  So how am I supposed to ship all these pedals?  Out of my own pocket?  I DON’T THINK SO BRO!!!

Yep. So yea like now I’m pissed.  This is my first time using PayPal since Ebay bought it and it’s all to shit I see now.  PayPal would’ve never done some stupid shit like this if they still owned it.  So now I have to fork shipping out of my OWN pocket for Ebay items that I SOLD. Un-fucking-believable. So yea this is my last Ebay nightmare because I will never EVER EVER sell or buy anything on Ebay ever again. I should have stuck to my guns and just sold the pedals on Craigslist like I started to, but Ebay was just way easier.

So now I have to sit around and figure out how I’m going to ship these pedals tomorrow. Thanks Ebay. You’re a big fucking really no help making it harder to mail shit to buyers. Good job.  Next time I want to sell something, I’ll just be using Amazon or Craigslist.


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