slowly breaking one day at a time

This is just a rant so if you dont feel like reading this rant close your browser.  But for the last few weeks I’ve been diligently trying to integrate into my website and social sites. First last week it wouldnt let me add my feed back. So I moved on to using Twitterlive which has been working nicely.  But then keeps making my toon’s name Gör show all gibberish beause of the umlaut. So now I’m stuck with that. In addition, NOW today has stopped sending out all my feeds except for Facebook all together. says theyre integrating it with Seesmic well, I’ve looked at Seesmic and I DONT SEE Seesmic being able to do what I was doing with on top of that Seesmic is in beta so therefore its not even built a full functional version yet. The Internet is full of A.D.D. do one effin thing at a time.



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