YAY! I got my 500Mhz CPU I got of Ebay for $8 today in the mail so I ran out to the store and got the RAM to upgrade the Profile; I had to bite the bullet and pay $53 for 256Mb of RAM though. And for the first time ever, I put a computer together and it worked from boot without me having to go back and reconnect something (knock on wood). Weird it took me less time to put it back together than taking it apart and like always, I had 3 screws left over and I don’t know where they go. Oh well.

I maxed out the Profile from a 433 to a 500Mhz Intel Celeron CPU and from 64Mb to 256Mb of RAM, put everything back together and now I am loading Windows XP; I am really curious to see if all this will run decently because 500Mhz is still extremely slow. I am so used to working on my 1.6Ghz system, I know this Profile will feel like a slug on LSD.

The fun part will be reconnecting it to the network and transferring all my files over. So far the XP installation is going kind of fast for a 500Mhz. I hope all will end well.


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