So after much debate with myself I’ve decided to call my job quits; just
can’t take not only the whining but I’ve just lost interest in the phone
tech support world. Period. My patience has grown very short … and to put
it plainly, it’s caused me to hate people. That’s right, I said it. There’s
much more to life than to spend it just working my ass off. In fact,
working has caused me to miss out on alot of things imo. My family goes out
and I can’t go because guess what Shaunie’s gotta work. I don’t go out much
because guess what I get home from work almost at midnight and I’m too tired
all the time to do anything. Days off? HAHA yea on Mondays and Tuesdays
which, btw nothing ever happens on. So I’ve decided to make some permanent
adjustments in my life. Maybe I’ll play Where’s Waldo and take on a job
I’ve never done before.


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