Screw Rats & Roaches … I Got CATS!!

So this morning I was at my computer and took my headset off just in time to hear a scratching sound from downstairs.  Luckily it was in the morning because otherwise I woulda went downstairs with my trusty hammer!  I went downstairs and saw nothing.  There is only one window downstairs which is in the kitchen so I assumed thats where the sound came from because the sound I heard sounded like something coming through the window scratching at the screen.  So I looked closer and found the screen was pushed out.  I had left the window open from the previous day because it had gotten warm.  I went outside and pushed the screen back in. 

I never saw who the culprit was, but I could only deduce it was a cat cause there are sooooo many feral cats that wander around this complex its ridiculous.  But now these mofos have gotten smart. Who would have thought a *cat* would be smart enough to push someone’s screen window open just to get in their kitchen?  I had cooked the night before some chicken so it probably smelled that and was like “Let’s do this”.  Too bad his effort was all for not because had he been really smart, he coulda looked through the window and seen there  was actually nothing there; just the smell of chicken in an empty kitchen.

Cats breaking into my house … somehow I now feel not safe!!!



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