WOW! If things couldn’t get any more aggrivating … this day has been full of bad crap. First I wake up to use the bathroom this morning, I flushed the toilet and guess what happend? Ever seen that movie Along Came Polly with Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller … yeah, it was like that. The toilet ranneth over flooding the bathroom, out the door, out into the hall, down the steps, and down the ceiling lamp in the kitchen *down stairs*.

After I cleaned up all the shit (literally), the maintenence man came and tried to fix it … his response was, “I have to call my supervisor to get a plumber” … CALL A PLUMBER! Then what the hell is HE getting paid to do? Needless to say he never came back. Then so happend my sister’s friend came over, didn’t know the toilet was broke and used it and walked away. I was down stairs when I heard the “trickling” and the madness happened all over again.

After that I got tired of waiting for him so I drove my sister where she had to go. I came back and then noticed the license plates on the CRX gone; someone stole my fuckin license plates. I called the police and reported them stolen. The bad thing is that the plates are not registered for the vehicle; they are registered for my Ford Ranger truck. I had put one on the CRX to keep the rental office quiet and left the other on the Ranger so I could drive it. So, out of honesty and because I’m not a liar, I explained all that to the officer who took the report. It did not turn out as bad as I had thought since the vehicles are inoperable and not actually on the road but she said I need to put the proper plates on the vehicles as soon as possible and I am going to take her advice. I’m going to trash the truck and find a storage place for the CRX or move, whichever comes first.

My sister guessed it was Deidra who did it because it would not make sense for someone to steal personalized/special plates and drive around with them. Knowing her she probably ditched them somewhere. I had not even thought of her doing it. It’s a possibility and I don’t rule it out. Personally, I think the girl is sniffin crack because she doesn’t act like a sane person. I’ve never heard of someone holding a grudge against someone for over 5 years before. Especially against someone she never met. And second because she is holding a grudge against someone who she should not even be mad at. She needs to direct her anger at the right person.

To break the story down short, over five years ago, I dated a guy however, he never told me he had a girlfriend already so we spent a lot of time together until one day I get a phone call from some girl who said he was HER man. In a nutshell, I told her fine, and I hung up the phone. I never had anything to do with him again. HOWEVER she is always trippin off at me talking about she wants to fight me, yada yada yada. What the hell am I suppose to do if your so-called boyfriend, man or whoever, never told me about you? How is that MY fault? I changed my phone number and she disappeared.

THEN, over five years later I run back into this guy, he says he and this girl broke up and whatever and he was single. Everything started off friendly UNTIL once again, here it is over FIVE years later, the exact same thing happend AGAIN with the same girl. This time she says he’s her husband. I knew she was lying right off the top because she is actually married to the father of her first baby. But anyway, so I said, two strikes he’s out and I swore on my grandmother’s grave I would never have anything to do with that asshole again.

HOWEVER his parents love me. They call me Baby Doll. I’ve gone shopping with his mother and his mom and I interior decorated his new house, I even helped him paint, move in and clean the bitch when it was an abandoned house. And ever since she found out that it was me at his parents house, she has been infuriated by it and she said she would make my life a living hell. Okay, whatever. I’m not the dumb ass strapped down with three kids and no real financial means to support them. I don’t think it was her though. She does not know where I live and besides, its been months since she has crawled out from under the bridge and reared her ugly head.

But anyway, that’s how some people choose to live their lives having kids without any type of financial security … that ain’t me.

So right now I am single and lovin it. I love waking up everyday and not having some man riding on my coat tail and having conversations about what really matters in life. Being able to handle my business without him being all up in my business. Not being under someone’s finger, worrying about what I am wearing or not wearing. I love to flirt and getting attention. Every girl loves that even though we don’t admit; we all have our own hidden egotistical trips.


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