… i finally updated my web site after only a million years … actually two years. it hasn’t been a priority and after realizing my tagboard didn’t work anymore and my forum had been spammed by penis-pushing “viagralators”, i decided to do something about it.

as an update, i’ve been divorced for a little over a year now (hooray) and life has been surprisingly uber despite my ever QQing over that its not. at the moment i’m taking care of a few financial crap before moving back out in the world on my own; still living with moms. and once thats been taken care of, i’m planning a trip to new york city to visit my peeps and then a trip to europe. not sure where i want to go but i am hoping that i can do that. if not new york is fine and there’s always next year =P

so its time to brush off my old digital slr and gets back to snapping

p.s. oh yeah, hope you like this winter theme


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