Getting a bit annoyed now with all these “end of the world” spoofs. Its impossible to predict the day people so get over it. No mystical Mayan calendar or long lost Nostradamus predictions have the answer either. Hundreds of supposedly dooms day predictions have come and gone over the centuries and STILL the crazies keep coming up with new dates and people keep believing them and posting them all over the internet. The end of the world was suppose to be a few days ago, the day has come and passed and we’re still here and already someone else has come up with a new date for 2012.

If you REALLY want to know when the end of the world is, I can tell you that and any average person who knows about the life cycle of a planet can tell you that too; even a 10 year old.  Do you really want to know when the end of the world is? Like anything else on this planet, it happens gradually, it can’t happen all in one day.  In fact, the world is already coming to an end as we speak, this planet won’t last forever.  Every second the sun gets closer to dying and when it does it will take planet Earth with it in a ball of flame as it turns into a red giant.

No one will ever see the end of the world anyways because we will die thousands if not millions of years before it even happens, as the Earth becomes uninhabitable from the effects of the dying sun, so just stop worrying about it. Everything on Earth will be long dead because Earth will either freeze or burned to a crisp by the sun and trust me you WILL WANT to be dead when it happens. I’d feel sorry for any human, if we are not extinct by then, who could manage to still be alive at that time as the Earth would be a cinder ball; it would be one of the most horrific ways to die.  In either case it will be about another 5 BILLION years before the world comes to an end so yea go mark that date on your calendar.

See you dont need to go buy some guy’s dooms day book for $39.95 to find that out; I just told you for free.


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