Figured I’d spend my 2 days off from work tackling code again … argh.  Everytime I try I get closer and closer to getting a good blog system going. You’d think all these blog sites out here it *would* be easy to integrate stuff … but on the contrary its not.  Why? Because every single blog site or blogging “like” site wants you to use THEIR service and THEIR service alone; when will they learn you cannot proprietize the Internet?  All that have tried have failed (that’s why Google doesn’t do it! LEARN FROM GOOGLE!) and their companies have failed right along with them … most all, with the exception of AOL who already had a headstart in the game, which saved their asses.  Once AOL started losing revenue proprietizing Internet service coupled on top of only being able to provide dialup and DSL service while cable steamrolled them, they took their money, bailed and flipped it by merging with Time Warner and buying other companies; which was smart.

But anyways, yes its hard trying to integrate all these services because they want you to use their own. Facebook wants you on Facebook. MySpace wants you on MySpace. Twitter wants you on Twitter. And instead bloggers end up trying to tie all these services together so it looks tight knit to their readers.  I like to blog, no doubt.  But I hate Facebook; I’ve said it many times before. I hate ALL the social sites. I won’t use them.  Although you may see my tons of posts on all of those social sites, I dont use them … I rarely even log on to them.  I occasionally logon to respond to posts but as for me spending hours on Facebook talking to someone … that *ain’t* me.  I bounce on and check my wall to make sure its clean and neat and every once in a while I get snagged by someone.  Other times I log on it quick, cleanup my wall and hurry up to log off it before I get snagged by one of my Facebook addict friends.  I just have my self hosted blog autopost to them so it appears that I use those social sites only because the people I know use those sites.

All companies who try to proprietize the Internet are destined to fail because the Internet is all about being free for all.  No one wants to be bound by stupid rules. No one wants to be held back by certain content. No one wants to pay for more shit.  That’s why Google is win and all others will fail. Yahoo! will fail because they make you pay for what everyone else has for free because they’re going under and they can’t afford to offer anything free anymore.  I mean paying for POP access really?  Who’s gonna pay for that when theres tons of free POP services?  MSN will fail … well because its Mi¢ro$oft … that’s all that needs to be said.  They were so busy trying to proprietize Windows and all their other products that they stole many of its current day functions from other companies, they jumped in the social site ring too late.  The fight was already in progress before they jumped into the ring.  As far as I’m concerned their just another beggar trying to get some of the pie.

Wow I got way off subject.  That’s what happens when I start talking tech stuff; reeling it back in … on with tackling codes!


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