so its been a few month since i moved from ysondre to mal’ganis and so far its been pretty good. it was rough at first because stepping from a low pop server that couldnt even run 10man icc pugs to a server  that can clear icc even with some heroic modes in a pug was like a caveman being thrown into the 21st century. my “leet” 5.6 gear score seemed very obsolete when seeing people in 6k gs average. i quickly found out that the only way i was going to be able to find a raiding guild is if i pugged to get better gear.

i spent weeks pugging only to get heroic gear ninja’d from me and when reporting it to a gm their response was pretty much go fuck yourself and find a guild so that doesnt happen … have a nice day. oh and btw your $14.99 is due.

since i work a job situated on bad hours and retarded days off i had to find a late night guild and after searching for weeks it only came down to 3 guilds: seraph, delirium and nocturnal. applied to seraph … denied with no explanation.  no need to apply to delirium … not lookin for dk’s. same with nocturnal … not lookin for dk’s. so i pretty much just said fuck it and accepted the fact i’m gonna be puggin fo life.

weeks passed and passed and its now been 3 months i’ve been on mal’ganis then i see a trade chat msg that a guild named sanctity was lookin for ppl to clear content. yay!  sadly when i contacted the gm … didnt want dk’s. FAWK! but then he said app anyway. so i did …

sadly once getting in found out they already had 1-2 other dk’s in the guild so i thought to myself i’m going to really have to bring my A game if i expect to get in any raids over those other guys. so first raid night i came big balling to the stage …. and got crushed like a fly in damage on marrowgar by pretty much everyone. i was like wtf. i’ve never been the bottom dps but yea it happend that night. weak. i guess my 10k dps was child’s play to everyone else’s 12 and 13k. $%^&* plus pretty much everyone had their sanctified gear … but me. i didnt have not ONE piece of sanctified. so i pushed hard and harder that night and actually got a third slot in dps.

that night i sat along and viewed meters and come to find out its not that my dps was low … it was alot of people who were high on dps … i blew them away in damage done. so i looked over some peoples gear and come to find out that they were stacking haste. ive never stacked haste … ever. if it comes on gear then great … but i’m definately not going to gear for it.  i have 23 haste rating. i thought to myself if i’m gonna get in this guild … the ONLY guild i can get in i’m going to have to play “their” game. so i got together my haste gear and the next time i kept up ranking #3 in dps … but dropped on damage done. &^%*$

then a miracle happened … the top dk guy bailed out the guild. he qq’d over something so stupid … pretty much for the last 2 weeks while on my app status, both weeks on queen lanathar, rather than biting his assigned person on the debuff … he just stands there hitting the boss, gets mind controlled and wipes the raid. he did it two weeks in a row. actually he’s done it 3 times but the third time no one caught it because we killed the boss before his timer just barely ran out. i know … because i was watching … i’m ALWAYS watching. but this particular week, he tunnel visioned (or just didnt care) got mc’d and wiped the raid … the raid lead and everyone else enraged on him and he left the raid. his reason was … “there are too many melee standing around me”. a few minutes later he logged back on and yea … gquit. thank god for quitters.

so as it stands i am now the only dps dk besides another guy who logs on every once in a while. it feels good but still for some reason my dps isnt where i want it to be. i can still only manage around 10k dps when the other dk’s were doing 12 & 13k. but i did manage to get 40k dps on icc25 whelps =P

now mind you they are in full sanctified and i’m in zero sanctified. but still it bugs me … just a few nights ago tho, i did get some sanctified pieces so i am now 3/5 in sanc pieces. for the love of god toravon why dont u drop my sanc gloves and legs! even just the gloves i’d be happy because i’m wearing my crafted legs which are better than sanc legs. next week will be my first week raiding in my sanc set … come on 15k dps!


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