The Internet is Supposed to Be Anonymous

So why do I have to use my *real* name on these social networks now or it’s a TOS violation?  I don’t want people to find me, if I did, I wouldn’t have “lost” them.  Screw you Google and Facebook.  I am hereby erasing my identity off the Internet and “renaming” myself to |HaXx3r|


Artist. Gamer. Writer. Cello. Techie. Introvert. Realist. Sarcastic troll. 📖 Computer Science major at City University of New York All the things Social Media: 🦋 Bluesky 📸 🎥 Hobbies: ✍🏾 🎨 Gaming 🎮 Discord Battlenet Gör#1270 💼 Entrepreneur 📍NYC 🔗 📅 Joined the Internet September 1997

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