A few days ago I got a most disturbing letter in the mail. It was a “bill” rather a letter who’s format was like a bill but in inconspicuos letters at the bottom said “this is not a bill”. I forget who the letter was from but it was something like Web Domains of America or something similar to that.

The letter was saying that my domain expires in 6 months and wanted me to renew my service with them instead of Godaddy. In short, it was an advertisement but was in the format of a bill so someone who was not paying attention and just received the bill without reading it first, would have thought it was a bill for their web site and paid it. Then unknowingly they are signing up with another domain registrar/host. First of all, who the fuck gave Godaddy the right to show my information to the entire world in fact, who gave fucking permission for this Web Site of America to gather my information and send me letter? I know they got it from Godaddy because they had my domain listed and were using my PO box.

Fuck identity theft. Blame these motherfuckin companies that take your information and then sell it or display it to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the entire world making us more susceptiable to identity theft and scams.

So as a result, I am just going to give a fake address for my domain info because I don’t want to be sent any fucking mail from any fucking body who I have not fuckin authorized to have my fuckin address. It was spooky enough that I had not realized when I signed up with Godaddy that my billing information as far as my adddress and phone number are also what they use for Whois information. As a result, one day I got a call from someone who I never gave my number to but apparently he was scavaging for me on the Internet. He told me he got my phone number from Whois.net so I immediately removed it. But still, what if it had been someone I had not known? Some freak-o on the net? He could have started calling me and even knowing where I lived.

Whois IS NOT cool. So please people out there with domains, especially females, make sure you DON’T use your real personal information when you register your web site. Some basket case can find you with no problem and rob or do some other type of harm to you.


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