Today I Hereby Withdraw My Support From the Democratic Party


On this 4th day of May in the year of 2013 I hereby withdraw my support for the Democratic Party of the United States of America.  When I voted for Obama, I put my good faith, twice,  for two terms of his presidency in hope for the “change” that he promised but instead I’ve heard nothing but lies, deception and secrecy when it came to his counter terrorism policies but meanwhile signing off on terrorism with his support for Israel.  He has cosigned on the murder of the children and innocent civilians of poor countries with his wreckless drone strike policies, has secretly passed bills to assist corporations, has ignored the needs of the poor here in the United States, has attempted to intervene on the gun rights of Americans, and a torturer of those held hostage by the United States in the torture chambers of Guantanamo.  Through this entire administration I have seen nothing but one contradiction after another.  You stand on the podium of peace when you speak to the American people, but your actions of when most American’s aren’t looking are of war, no respect for life, genocide, hate, supremacy, murder, ignorance and of facism; almost a cloaked Nazism.

I have grown tired of hearing his, Congresses’ and the rest of our government’s excuses and backpedaling  on the important issues but they seem to have a whole fuckin lot to say on the issues that aren’t life threatening issues such as the gay and immigration agendas.  If the position of presidency can do no more than the position of a civilian, which is almost next to nothing, then what good is a president?  Where are the JFK’s and the Roosevelts, presidents and governments that made changes?  Instead we got this noodle-back president and government; no back-bones whatsoever.

And now with the witch hunt you have singed off on Assata Shakur you have crossed the line.  Assata is now 65 years old, she is not a threat to the United States, never has been and never will be. She is now living under political asylum in Cuba because the great land of the free and brave, beacon of equality and love and peace (sarcasm), wanted her DEAD, and we see America STILL wants her dead 40 years later; America doesn’t want equality, never has. It wants to cause strife to everyone who isn’t with it’s agenda around the world.

You point one finger at Assata who was wrongly convicted of a crime of killing a cop during the most racist and violent time of modern America’s history and the most openly racist and corrupt time of our government, yet you got more fingers pointing back at yourself and our government than a room full of Inigo Montoya’s six-fingered man of the many assassinations of innocent people you have conducted around the world.  What are you trying to do?  Finish off J. Edgar Hoover’s personal vendetta against blacks who stood up against racism in America? Are you going to label them all terrorists now when it was our government who was terrorizing the entire American black population? Again, another contradiction! Your actions speak much louder than your words!  Based on your policies you would also have put Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, and even Nelson Mandela on your so-called “terrorist Christmas list”.  The only difference between Assata and the powerful civil rights leaders and activist of  the 60s is Assata got away; everyone else was either jailed or killed with the exception of the now political parrots Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them”.  Good job for standing on the wrong side of history again Barry. Let’s not forget Assata and the larger than life black heros of her time stood up to die so you could sit in the White House; what a fool you are.

In conclusion, you Mr. Barack “Barry” Obama are a mouthpiece and the rest of our government, criminals.  If our government is THAT corrupt that this change that you speak of is no longer possible, then that means it is corrupt, broken and I want nothing further to do with it and will instead stand on the side of another political party that is for the people; the party I select will not win any elections I know, because it won’t be the Republican Party either, but  the values of the Democratic Party are no longer in line with my own ethic and moral values and I can no longer stand by it consciously while it assists in murder, genocide, political and economic corruption and exploitation of not only Americans but humans around the world.

This administration has gone to the birds and does not stand on the side of the people … it stands on the side of politics of the worst kind; supremacy.  So to the Democratic Party I say good riddens.  You are the worst two-faced party I have ever seen.


A former Democrat



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