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So I finally came across some time to update my web site and there will be more updates to come. I had to trash tagboard tho because it got spammed to death by the penis-enlarging people but also only to find out the assholes have hacked the tagboard hosting site and it looks like the owner of tagboard has abandoned the site anyways; he hasn’t posted anything since 2006. Even though I have deleted the tagboard and changed my tagboard password, they have managed to still spam it from the backend ~_~

Anywho nothing much has been going on. For those who care I am still playing WoW and so I’m in the midst of making a gaming section on the site. I have completed updating the blog, forums, and gallery, minus the addition of pictures, so I requested some information from Blizzard to facilitate creating my character bios.

Um … Thinking

After that I am not sure what to add to my site; I will have to do more brainstorming. Or if anyone else has any ideas, that would be helpful too.



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