Today was a really nice day and a good day for the Botanic Gardens. I was able to get some good shots after separating myself from the unruly children.  The garden was really nice and even ran into a surprise pack of swans when me and my cousin got lost in the park.  I almost found myself running away from a bee wrestling in the flower bed but once it flew away, I realized it was  a really tiny bird that was striped yellow and black like a bumblebee.  I wasn’t able to get a shot of it because it wisped away so fast. Then we walked the boardwalk where we found huge catfish that liked to grope at peoples hands for some reason. Creepy.  Also I thought the park

had a bad rat infestation because I kept seeing rodents running around … but turned out to be chipmunks; I had never seen a chipmunk before.  There was a cool bee farm too and the park seemed to like keeping bee hives near everything so it kind of made some people nervous because there were bees and wasps everywhere.  The garden turned out to also be a research center so that’s why they intentionally put hives across the park to pollinate the plants.
I put all my shots in FaceBook since I have met my quota for photos on Flickr. Here are a few of my favorite shots:


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