Well, So Much for Due Process #Dorner #LAPD #Constitution


It is plain obvious that Chris Dorner will not get due process as LAPD just runs around the state shooting up blue pickup trucks without even verifying if it’s Dorner or not yet. And even if it were Dorner inside, since when was it’s the LAPD’s right to kill someone and not try to arrest?  Since when did cops whether LAPD, NYPD or whoever PD make it their right to be the judge, jury and executioner?  Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Everyone should be concerned that LAPD is trying to kill this man on spot because this could happen to any of us whenever a gang, I mean police department sees fit.Personally I believe this manhunt should be conducted by an outside agency, NOT LAPD because it’s a conflict of interest.  LAPD has been accused of withholding evidence and they are trying to kill the one and only witness to their crimes.  Where is the Governor of California on this? Why is he not getting an outside agency to apprehend this man? How do we even know Dorner even killed the three people that’s being thrown about our biased and corporation-run media?  And even if he did do it, that is not for us to judge, that is for the judge/jury in court to judge.  When did our rights to a fair trial get thrown out the window because if it can happen to Dorner, it can happen to any of us.  I fear that we have become a country of vigilantes and blood-baiters and have forgotten all about our rights just because “it hasn’t happened to us” personally.

Everyone knows even if they do find Dorner unarmed, they are going to kill him on sight.  The super-sad thing is America and Californians are standing by doing nothing.  This can easily happen to any of us so by our silence we are condoning the militarization of police and fro them to be judge and jury so they can make up whatever story they want later.

It’s getting to the point where the Constitution is just like democracy and everything else here in America, everyone runs around preaching, beating on our chests and bragging about how great we are because of it,  but we don’t even practice it.


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