What’s Wrong With the Interracial Cheerios Commercial?

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Last I checked, we were all homo sapiens, so why is this even making news?  There’s nothing wrong with the commercial, I thought it was cute.  In fact, it hadn’t even occurred to me that this commercial would cause a commotion around people, but it did.  I actually laughed at the commercial because I thought it was so cute. It took me a second to realize why the little girl poured the Cheerios on her “dad” and then I laughed when I realized she had poured it over his heart.  Interracial people exist, so why should they be blipped out of commercials and be silent about their existence too just because people don’t like seeing black and white people together.  This is so dumb.  I don’t see nothing subliminal about it.  It’s just CEREAL for god’s sake … WHY SO CEREAL!!

Come on people, pick your battles.  There are other things in the world to be mad about and a cute biracial little girl pouring Cheerios on her black dad’s heart because she thinks it’s good for him isn’t one of them.  This is America, if you don’t like diversity, there are 6 other continents you can move to.


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