So today I’m at work, having a great day actually for some reason, I’m helping out this guy and then he says “so where’s your home church”? and I’m like “huh?” because this question completely throws me since we weren’t even on the subject.  It bewilders me why people assume just because I’m black that going to church is a requirement that comes with the territory.  So he says again “where’s your home church” and I say,  “I don’t have one”.  Then he says, “You need to get a home church or you’re going to burn in hell” … I’m thinking to myself, mmmk see this is exactly why I don’t get jokey jokey with customers.   I wasn’t mad at all, I really couldn’t have cared, I just don’t like people who threaten others with some impending doom of hell just to prove their point; it’s the oldest Jedi mind trick in the book.  And living in one of the slavery states if not the first, its the oldest way of getting people to join your “flock”; scare them shitless with eternal burning.

When I was a kid, yea thats what people did, threaten threaten threaten that my soul was going to burn in hell, and all this and that and that I’m just gonna burn baby burn.  Well, for some reason, all the threatening just fell on deaf ears, I tried to be one of the “sheeple”, but it just didn’t click with me.  I understood all the stories of the Bible and all that stuff, and of course, my burning soul that I was so cordially reminded of every time I went to church. I’ve read the Bible a million times including the Qu’ran but to me, I simply cannot believe that some Arab guy is gonna swoop down on some white horse to save me from my sins while the non-believers, yea you guessed it … burn baby burn.

I moved away from Virginia and moved to New York and even to California … and the only time I was threatened with hell is when I was here in Virginia and also North Carolina of course.

I take life for what it is; “life” … nothing more and nothing less.  I don’t believe there is a heaven or a hell.  I don’t believe Jesus is going to rise up from the grave and save the entire world from their “sins”.  I mean come on, really?  A “sin” is a cultural concept.  What’s a sin in one place should be a sin in every place, but its not.  My meaning of doing something wrong is most likely completely different from someone on the other side of the planet.  It’s not a sin to kill a cow here in America … but go to India and kill a cow, I guarantee that cow will get medical care before you ever will; you’d be left maimed in the streets for the rats to pick at your bones.  So who’s the sinner?  There are thousands of religions other than Christianity in the world … why would a Christian be so arrogant to think that ONLY Christians would go into their Heaven? After all, Jesus certainly wasn’t Christian.  Christianity didn’t come until after his death; Jesus was a hated Jew because of his ideas.  And based on the stories of the Bible, I certainly don’t think Jesus would want anyone worshiping him anyway; he would want people worshiping God as he was only a messenger.

In my honest opinion though, Jesus was a great guy … but the people of those times were people of faith, not people who really understood what caused things to happen.  People of those times believed in magic, soothsayers and all that other hocu- pocus stuff.  I feel more like Jesus’ story was blown all out of proportion by people who didn’t really understand what was going on; they tried to explain things as best they could for their little understanding of the science of things.

Jesus lived and died just like everyone else and like everyone else, I don’t believe he will be making a comeback. And besides, if he did come back, we’d just kill him again anyway, who’s to say.  I say we’d kill him again because the nature of mankind sucks.  We criticize. We don’t like change. We push aside and condescend people who aren’t part of our “collective”.  We fear others who don’t look like us or act like us or believe like us. Maybe Jesus already came back and we killed him again already and don’t even know it.  If he did come back, and he came back as an Arab or Black man, would people discredit him as just another terrorist?  What if he came back as a Palestinian? We would never know and I’d doubt he’d get any airtime on CNN unless he can make miracles happen again.  Maybe he did come back as a Palestinian and the Jews took him out (yet again) during an occupation.  Maybe the Jews or Vatican already took him out again on purpose fearing how it would shatter the Jewish and Catholic faith if he did come back.  Maybe he already came back and took his so-called chosen ones, and left you watching American Idol and MTV Music Awards when it all went down.  Maybe Jesus already came back, saw the nature of mankind and said, “oh to hell with this” and took no one back.  Mankind is shifty, fickle, shiesty and untrustworthy; I don’t care who you are.  Mankind has changed to so many gods over these thousands of years we’ve been here. We’ve worshiped the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, animals, deities, rocks, stones and sticks, and still worship them today.  Who’s to say in another 5,000 years when people get tired of waiting for Jesus to harvest his flock, we start worshiping something else as Christianity fades from existence and considered “archaic”.  And what about the people who still live like cavemen in the remote regions of this Earth who have not been exposed to Western society?  Are they “auto-going-to-hell” just because they haven’t been exposed to our Jesus and our god(s)? Yes, believe it or not there are still people on this planet who have not been “contacted”.

CNN: ‘Uncontacted tribe’ sighted in Amazon

There are tribes deep inside the Amazon who don’t even know we exist and have no knowledge of this world as we see it.  And we only know they exist  by flying over their small clearings of hut villages. These people were never exposed by any explorers (yet) and I hope to god they never are.  Who would want to live in this collapsing rut of taxes, debt, marketing, sex and all this other man-fabricated nonsense we deal with every damn day.

It’s easy to believe it all now, because we are living in its time, but think back in history class, before Jesus, when Egypt was the “America” of the Earth and they worshiped the Sun just as we worship Jesus and God today.  People could be reading about us and calling Christianity primitive thought.  For all we know, all that Christianity teaches about Jesus, none of it could have happened at all and we’ve spent centuries fearing paper lions.

There are other beliefs across the world with stories with the same events as Jesus. Even Greek mythology has the same stories and they were written before Jesus’ time yet they follow the stories in Christian beliefs to the T.

But anyway, I have nothing against religions at all, to each his own. The Bible is a “kewl” story … too bad Jesus never read it. I believe that when people die, thats it; it’s finished. You don’t get second chances and you don’t come back for a second helping.  I believe that when a human dies it’s just like anything else on the planet that dies; I don’t force myself to believe in stories like some people do to cope with their fears of the unknown of death.  We all come from the Earth just like any other animal does, just like any other plant does or any other living being; why should we be any different and experience some awesome afterworld just because we are human beings? Kind of an arrogant thought to think we are above the laws of nature. You wouldn’t want to live forever on Earth anyways.  Earth’s demise will come at some point too as it gets swallowed into the Sun when it runs out of burning hydrogen.  If there happens to even be people still on the Earth when the Sun starts to go, and human kind hasn’t figured out a way to live on other planets by then, they will wish for death as the Earth will be hell itself from the Sun; that’s about as close to “hell” that I could ever imagine and the lights go out on this entire galaxy like god turning off the light switch. I feel more likely human kind will experience an environmental genocide like the dinosaurs did long before the Sun blows anyway.

I don’t believe there is a “God” per se.  But I believe there are many forces that all intertwine with each other that causes the things we experience and what we interpret.  I do not believe God has any need or recognizes prayer.  I believe that these forces run themselves and will continue to run themselves, with or without our help and prayers.  Is there life on other planets? Pfft, I believe there are; would once again be pretty arrogant if one thinks there isn’t.  Just because our little peepers can’t journey into space that far doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  The same gases that created Earth are the same gases that can create another Earth-like planet.  In fact, I often wonder if the planets close to us such as Mars and Venus were once inhabited by humans who fucked it up and came to Earth.  Or maybe those planets just through its normal life cycle just disintegrated and all life on them perished.  After all, we’ve only been to those planets, we haven’t done any massive digging on it to find corpses … (yet).

Some people wonder what is our purpose?  I don’t think we have any more purpose than any other living thing on this planet; do your instincts and thats it.  I think our purpose is more along the lines as what system based colony animals and insects do, help “the hive”. In human translation, do what you can do to help society.  I try to help others when and if I can not because I feel its an obligation to get to some heavenly place, but just because people are people and theres nothing more aggravating than when you need to get something done, that you can’t do on your own, and theres’ no one to help you. That’s why I try to help others as best as I can. If I am still doomed to a Christian hell because I don’t have a  “home church” and don’t care to jump around like a fish flopping on the beach saying I have The Holy Ghost, then so be it.

But anyways, I just believe life is what it is without adding the extra Easter Bunny and Santa Claus aspect to it; it is what it is, so why make things up?  Everyone has one ultimate end whether we are dead or alive when it comes, we will all burn as this planet gets swallowed up by the Sun one day.

Sorry for the morbid post today …. but The Devil made me do it  XD


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