I don’t know what else to say but hi and welcome to my web site, my name is Shaunie and I run Xekes.com. I have spent a lot of time on it and contains about two years worth of work. All of the art and drawings on here are all by mine own hand, except where it is noted, so I’d really appreciate it if you don’t duplicate … just hate. Also on that note, I am still updating stuff so that is why it seems so blank and has a lot of dead links. My regular visitors to my site know I usually have a lot of crap on here and it looks a whole lot more fruity than this.

My site was formerly known as Hecates.com but I changed it to Xekes.com out of shortness so please update your bookmarks. Also because I got tired of people mispronouncing Hecates. Most people were pronouncing it hee-kates but it’s supposed to be pronounced heck-uh-tees; she’s the Goddess of something – I forget. I read a lot of mythology so it’s hard to keep up with which Gods and Goddesses are in charge of what. But in the scope of the real world … it’s unimportant and not worth memorizing. Of course unless you are a mythologist and your life’s work depended on it.

The purpose of this site is just like anyone else’s; to display to the entire Internet world what I do – and don’t do. But then again … in the scope of the real world … nobody really cares but me.

I spend a lot of time online and hang out on Yahoo! a lot so if you want to catch me for REGULAR stuff, that’s cool – my username is puffidredz, but no hanky-panky please; I’ve got enough morons on my ignored “looney list” as it is. If you have any questions, comments, something is wrong with my web site or if you just want to drop me a line, you can email me at thecraft@xekes.com.

But if you just want to bitch, please email all complaints to ihavenothingelsetodobutrantaboutbullshit@xekes.com.


Artist. Gamer. Writer. Cello. Techie. Introvert. Realist. Sarcastic troll. 📖 Computer Science major at City University of New York All the things Social Media: 🦋 Bluesky shaunie.bsky.social 📸 instagram.com/shaunienyc 🎥 youtube.com/@shaunienyc Hobbies: ✍🏾 medium.com/@eve.writes 🎨 arwui.tumblr.com Gaming 🎮 twitch.tv/gorlive youtube.com/@gorlivetv twitter.com/gor1270 Discord discord.gg/SS93mxa8ad Battlenet Gör#1270 💼 Entrepreneur 📍NYC 🔗 shaunie.nyc 📅 Joined the Internet September 1997

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