Welcome to my CRX page which is one of dozens if not hundreds on the Internet. This is a 1991 Honda CRX Si I bought from Hall Honda in Virginia Beach, VA. I got a good deal on it, considering I bought it used with 83,000 miles on it in 1998; I have had the car for exactly 7 years this month so this is our 7th anniversary.

You may have seen pictures of my car on the old Hendrik97 CRX pages or Wobbe98’s before they went extinct and I’m also surprised that I have found the pictures I posted on them on other people’s web sites I have run into randomly on the Internet. I have gotten emails stating how my car looked good as is. Thanks all … I used Turtle Wax 😉
So if you see these pictures on the net … just to let you know I am the owner. Shaunie Owens of Virginia.

The car has broken down on my about 4 times since I have bought it, all being in the latter 2 years since I’ve had it but everytime it broke down, it was just normal wear and tear stuff like replacing the radiator, flat tires, alternator etc. Once once it had a major break down of the timing belt.

It broke down again today without warning or reason. There was a strange rattling sound for the last month and then finally today the oil light and battery light came on and it was done. The car died and I don’t know what is wrong with it. It sits off the side of Mercury Blvd as I speak. It tries to turn but it’s a no go. I was thinking maybe the timing or some other belt went but I just had those replaced less than 2 years ago so as what is wrong with it now is beyond me. I guess I will work on getting it towed back to the house sometime tomorrow … whenvever I am done being mad at it.

But then again, it has over 235,000 miles on it, we have been everywhere together. We’ve been to New York City, the city that never sleeps, to D.C. the nation’s capital, weathered the hurricanes and blizzard of the local area here. We’ve been through the tornados of Tornado Alley, the sand storms of Nevada, the casinos of Las Vegas, the deserts of Texas, the canyons of Colorado, the mountains of California … we have been everywhere together. I have driven it cross country once and numerous times up North so I can’t be mad that it finally met it’s end.

In actuality, I have been waiting for it to meet its end so I will have an excuse to upgrade the engine hence comes the reason for this blog.

When my car broke down today, a friend of mine who wanted to help said he had an H22 from his old Prelude that he’d give me for $1000 … alright, bet. See, old boyfriends NEVER fall out of love with me 🙂 So I called up my other friend who works on cars, told me he’d swap the engine and we could do it together since he had the tools … aight, double bet.

So since a lot of people said it’s a difficult swap and I should go with a B series, well, all I have is this H22 so we’re gonna try and swap it. It CAN be done because I have seen it, so this blog is just to keep a track of our progress.


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