So here it is a little over a week since I made the commitment to finally lose weight.  I started at 193 and I’m now down to 189; not bad. Although due to having lost so much in just a week’s time, it’s probably just water weight.  The pins and needles feeling in my arms when I sleep has gone away and the swelling in my legs and feet have drastically gone down which is a plus.  I am guessing it was coming from excessive weight causing poor blood circulation because prior to the weight gain it had never happened.  I need to get a tape measure though to measure my neck, hips and waist as the scale doesn’t tell everything. Every morning I get up, I fast walk a mile and then again in the evening while eating (try eating) 1200 calories a day.  Believe it or not, that’s hard for me as I can eat one big meal a day and then I’m not hungry again. I try to eat at least 2 meals but I have a hard time hitting 3.  I don’t use any meal replacements, no miracle food like Jake’s Flakes or anything like that, I’m too poor for all those health foods and besides I think they’re pointless in alot of cases.  Change what you’re eating, read the nutrition labels and don’t overeat; problem solved.


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