A few days ago, I put in my 2 weeks on my job and now I have 3 days left until I’m rid of the place; Friday is my last day. Lesson learned from this job was taking calls from people who are completely clueless about something as simple as a cable box and then trying to explain it to them in the simplest of terms while they’re raging is not for me; I simply just do not have the patience, time, nor the desire to be bothered with people like that. Not everyone was like that of course, but there are few and enough to make me want to thrust my hand through the phone and grab em by the neck. Or the ones that complain about how expensive cable is … yet they have 8 cable boxes and haven’t paid their bill in 2 months … but it’s somehow *MY* fault.  It was one of those jobs that I had to deal with crazies and the irrationals.  The people who have no life and spend it in front of their TVs … and then call me to rage when their service went out for the first time in 10 years.  And the people who on football Sunday are mad because Fox isn’t showing their team’s game … yet its somehow *MY* fault and trying to explain to them that Fox isn’t showing the game for any cable provider all across the country, doesn’t seem to sink in.  I even had calls where when the customers ask me, “You’re not in my state are you? Which state are you in?” … and of course I tell em Virginia … they rage and don’t want to speak to me.  That’s *MY* fault too by the way.  They want someone in THEIR state when in reality it doesn’t matter which effin state I’m in.  I guess nationalization (is that a word?) hasn’t spread everywhere in America yet.  Some people apparently just live in their bubbles.  I wonder how they’d react if they ever called someplace and got India; sheesh I bet they’d really fly off the handle then.  Or the people who cry.  Yes. People CRY when they can’t watch TV.  I get like 1-2 cryers a month and its effin irritating.  I’m troubleshooting with them, I hear their voice get shakey (I know its coming)  and then I hear the sobbing and I’m like really? oh give me a fuckin break.  Anyone who knows me, knows I have like 0 sympathy for anything thats not deserving of it.  Not being able to watch TV is one of them.  There are people in this world who *really* have shit to cry about like when theyre going to get their next meal or how are they going to take care of their kids, or cancer or living in poverty or 3rd world country.  People who have to dodge bullets everyday because they can’t afford to move somewhere else. THOSE are people who have something to cry about.  But not being able to watch TV?

I have to say this is one job that I will never miss.  In fact, I don’t even want an exit interview, I just want to be gone. I don’t want to spend my time in someone’s office talking about crap I don’t care about or for an employer I no longer work at.  This has felt like the longest 2 weeks in the world to me and I’m going to try my best to glaze over these last 3 days as much as possible.  If I can manage to put myself in autopilot mode these 3 days will float by and before I know I’ll be ready to get off on Friday and I won’t look back in fear that I may turn into a pillar of salt.

I already have a new job lined up of course, but my plan is to spend the next several months to prepare to go back to school in the Fall.  I decided to change my “profession” and go into a field where I don’t have to come in contact with the general public … ever.  Graphic designing.  I’m considering TCC but I’m also looking at some other schools.

So that’s my plan for 2011, basically just start over from scratch. New plan. New job. New place. New life. Yay go me!


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