So much snow!

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When it snows people think of ice skating, snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, etc … but when it snows *I* think of hollering and screaming. Why? Cuz thats what I would do when I was little when it snowed.  I was terrified of snow.  Now you’re asking why.  Because it would crunch under my feet and I didn’t like it.  It was so traumatic for me, I still remember it to this day.  My family was going outside and it was just about as much snow as there is right now, about 4 inches or so.  Everyone walked out the door to the car; I don’t remember if we were going somewhere or were just going to go outside to play in the snow.  I took one step onto the snowy porch … and then crunch.  I took a  step back and was like “Oh hell no”.  My mom was on the end of the steps telling me to come on and all I can remember is screaming and hollering, tears streaming down my face because I wasn’t going to go past the threshold of the door … all because the snow crunched under my feet.  I don’t remember if I ever made it out the door, but I remember that moment vividly.  I guess I was bout 6 years old then.  But every year for the rest of my life, everytime it snows, thats what I think of … and I bust out laughing.


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