AMEX Bluebird Now Offers Personal Checks

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Just as the title says, American Express Bluebird now offers checks. They are available completely for free for a limited time until May 21st, 2013; the free checks are only valid for the first order.  Funny I never saw them advertise this nor sent to my email which is understandable since

they probably don’t want 100% of their customers all getting checks for free.


I just happened to log into my Bluebird account one day and saw a strange link that wasn’t there a few days before. Of course they don’t work like conventional checks.  When you want to use a check, you have to either have the Bluebird mobile app on your phone to get a pre-authorization code or login to your Bluebird account on a computer to get the pre-auth code and it works like a conventional check.  If you do not get the pre-auth code, the check will decline at the merchant.

After your free checkbook or if you wait until after May 21st, the prices are


50 Bluebird Checks:

$19.94 + $5.94 shipping & handling

100 Bluebird Checks:
$26.94 + $6.94 shipping & handling

You can order either size right now for free.  I went and ordered me the 100 box of checks although I’ll probably never use them, but I got them just in case.  I haven’t written a check in probably over 5 years.  I really see no need for them anymore since the dawn of debit cards.  Plus I hate people who stand in front of me in the checkout line and don’t have their checks prepared and I have to stand there and wait and wait and wait. So annoying.

To get your free box of American Express Bluebird checks, login to your Bluebird account and in the top right corner click on My Account and the drop down last option says Order Checks. The checks are mailed via UPS and you’ll receive them in about a 5-7 business days after ordering.  Cheers!



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