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… The blogger’s worst nightmare. I’ve spent hours
just trying to find a way to link my Blogger, Facebook, MySpace and
Twitter accounts so I only have to post to one of them to post to them
all. I hate all the social sites yet I got dragged into it because 90%
of the people I know use it and they begged me to join it too; it’s like
the Borg … you *WILL* get assimilated.

None of the apps have made this task any easier. Blogger wont post to
Facebook because Facebook only allows email posts if a picture is
attached. And I cant update Facebook with RSS feeds because Facebooks
lies and says it will update your Wall with your feed posts every 2
hours … I’ve never seen that happen. I always and have always had to
login to my Facebook account and click “Update”. Twitter wont post from
Blogger because it doesn’t have an email address. Twitter won’t update
from Facebook because both the applications are so crappy that it
doesn’t work so it doesnt post your updates or it posts your updates
whenever it happens to feel like it which could be 6 months from now.
And MySpace is just hot garbage. Can’t even post to the MyS blog, I have
to use status updates which it won’t do unless I insert them myself or
link it to Twitter which yea by the way, I’m still not getting those
updates from Facebook, which is suppose to update Twitter which is
suppose to update MySpace which is suppose to update the world and make
my e-life easier. Why in the world do these social sites keep making
these programs that don’t link? Do they really think that people are
going to use their service? Yea the first company that tried that was
AOL … you see how far going 100% proprietary got them. It’s cool when
you’re the only one but when other companies catch on its gg; you’re
going down with the ship. Oh and by the way Google is going to take over
the world because they ARE NOT proprietary and it seems to be the only
thing thats working.

So I came across this program and I thought holy smokes this is
the answer! It posts to everything just with one email address … but
then only had their RSS servers crash on me the next day and they
haven’t been back up since. fml. k i’m done with my e-rant now.


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