I went to Hall Honda and bought me a 2002 Civic HX today. Yeah. The car is shweet. Funny thing … I have never heard of an HX but its their high fuel efficient model which gets 44mpg hwy/ 34 city; with Bush behind the helm in Washington, I need a car like this. Also upon my researching of HX, I discovered there is also another model called a GX which I have never heard of either. I thought there were only DX, LX and EX models; I guess they are the more popular but I have never seen an HX or GX on a car lot either; seems they may be rare or something because even when browsing over the Internet, I have not read about too many having an HX and I have not read about anyone with a GX.

So I have me a tree-hugger car but at least I am back on the road again; 117hp strong.



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