A lot has gone on since I last blogged. About a week and a half ago, some asshole decides they want to settle an argument they have with someone by trying to blow his brains out. Unfortunate for me he missed and two bullets came straight through my apartment. One bullet went downstairs, through the living room window, through the wall and then into our next door neighbor’s apartment. The second came through my bedroom window, through the wall and into my closet, through my Conair hair dryer where the bullet laid neatly on the shelf in the closet. Luckily my hairdryer was still in the box so the bullet only put a hole through the box and not the dryer. I just paid $30 for that thing.

It was 2am in the morning when it all went down so I was sleep in the bed. But once I heard the glass break downstairs in my sleep, reflex woke me up and I immediately hit the floor. I cut up my arms and knees from the glass shattering everywhere; I was dripping blood on the floor but overall I was cool. I wasn’t shot that was the good thing. I was just pissed off how someone could do something so careless and stupid. Does someone really hate a person THAT much they are willing to risk the lives of neighbors? Complete idiots.

The police came in and did their forensics thing but overall they could not catch who did it. The usual thugrats who hang out on the corner tried to confuse the police buy telling them the guy dumped the gun somewhere … then they would change their story and said he dumped it somewhere else. The police knew they were lying. They said they probably had someone calling on a cell phone from somewhere providing false information.

It really pisses me off to think there are people around me who don’t give a damn about life or the courtesy to respect other peoples’ space. In addition, try to lie to cops about a crime in which someone who don’t know these people or has anything to do with their domestic dispute, they would lie and take the side of the criminals; its absolutely moronic. It really pisses me off though that they would probably do the same thing if someone had really gotten hurt or killed.

Why would someone back up a criminal? It just does not make sense to me.


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