Charles Ramsey: The Media, the True Destroyers of American Pride, Happiness & Heroes

charles_ramseyAmerica where we eat our heroes and glorify our villains.

The Boston Bombers and the victims of the Boston Marathon. I haven’t read anything about the victims but everyday I see something about the Tsarnaev brothers; we even capitalize “Boston Bombers” now but not “Boston Marathon Victims”.

Charles Ramsey, the man who went out of his way to stop what he was doing to rescue strangers who had been held captive against their will for a decade.


One day the media is praising Charles Ramsey’s heroism for rescuing three women who had been kidnapped 10 years ago and the next day they are smearing his name through the mud as if he had done the kidnapping himself, ripping through his criminal background to find any  fault in a good Samaritan. Why? Most likely because he is black so it’s easy for the media to disrespect him because the likelihood that they would do this to a white man is slim; I’ve never seen it.

Good Samaritans seem like ghostly figures these days as people in America seem to have grown more selfish in these last months of racial and financial tensions in this country since the recession and all the decks playing the race and gay cards lately. People seem more concerned about themselves than anyone else.  Charles didn’t have to do shit that day but eat his McDonald’s,  enjoy the sunshine and eat “caek”, but he  went out of his way and saved three women from their captor of 10 years and now the media is trying to tear that moment of joy apart not only for Charles but from our country as a whole.

For one hot second my faith in America’s good side was restored, but it was short-lived as I saw America’s bad side rear its ugly head again to discredit good people; eating them alive while again, praising the villains.  We’ve heard more bad things about Charles and not a peep about the kidnapper.

I don’t know Charles, I don’t know the girls who were kidnapped but when I had woke up that morning and read the story and then saw Charles’ animated newscast I was overjoyed because they were found alive and also because Charles is just a fookin good storyteller; I laughed the whole time even though it was a serious situation.  Most kidnapped victims are found dead.  It was  relief from reading depressing news about politics and war these last few days.

The media is nasty. Evil. Heartless. Hypocratic. Moronic. A system of half-truths and half-lies.

So is this a game changer? Will this make people maybe become more reluctant and not want to rescue people and be good Samaritans anymore because it will make people fear that they too will have their dirty laundry aired and reputation butchered alive for all the world to see just for helping someone in distress?   Will helping someone mean that it also leaves the risk of  opening the door and letting all your skeletons out of your closet too? Risk your family? Or even your job?

Maybe now he is wishing he had never rescued the girls and went on about his business in fear of having his dirty dishes laid out for the world to see.  Is exposure of your personal life, no matter how long ago it happened, a price to pay for heroism because after all, when all the fanfare is said and done, Americans only remember the bad things even if it were 15 years ago.  After the fanfare is said and done you and you alone are left with the repercussions of your decision. The media won’t care.  The media is just here to shock and destroy esteems of not people but also of America because they affect how people think for those who let it.

The bigger question is, why was the media digging around in Charles’ criminal history in the first place? How did they get it so easily? Why was that their first agenda not even within 24 hours of the kidnap rescue?  Why are they trying to “investigate” an innocent person?  I know in my state you can lookup any offenses anyone has with just a first and last name so I am pretty sure that’s where the media got it.  You don’t need to provide any identifying information of who you are requesting it.

Maybe we should start taking these government sites down that release our private information to the public.  I really don’t know why it is up there in the first place for the world to see without any kind of authorization because while it can also be used for good, it can also be used for evil; such as what has just happened to Charles.  Or maybe we should all just stop helping people in fear that our dark past will get exposed.  I should hope that does not become the case.  The Germans did that to the Jews. They didn’t get into anything that was “none of their business” to the point where the the trains that rode by their houses of Jews being sent to the concentration camps and slaughterhouses were also none of their business too.

From my experience its not hard for a man in America to get a domestic violence charge even if it was the woman doing all the hitting. That’s just how our justice system works here. It’s anti-male and anti-minority.  Americans of all ethnicities and sexes do the crimes but it seems if you are a male and a minority, your chances to catch a charge is much higher.

I always hope that Americans will think smarter and reprimand the news sites that are reporting this irrelevant bullcrap.  Charles’ past of 15 years ago that we know nothing of the circumstances about and even if we did, it is of no bearing of the heroic rescue he made of the kidnapped girls.  I still think Charles Ramsey is a hero, an awesome storyteller and no one can change that. Ever.  People make errors.  We are humans, not saints. Flawless heroes only reside in fictional storybooks and Hollywood.  So what if he has a domestic violence charge, it’s irrelevant.

The media the destroyers of American pride, happiness and our heroes.

Report: Charles Ramsey: Repeat Domestic Abuser.


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