I went clubbin last night. I went with my sister and her friend Gail. My husband asked who I was going with and I told him. See, my husband, although he won’t admit it, suspects me of seeing someone else and I’m not. So I just let him wallow in his own insecurity. I don’t feel I should answer to anyone. If I want to go out, then I’m out. I am a grown lady. Overall, I can tell in his face he did not want me to go, but that’s a story left for another day.

This was the first time I ever went clubbin in VA, the only clubs I have ever been were in New York and San Francisco. For starters, I’m used to dressing up when going to the club. When I was in NYC, it was like a fashion show, so I did but when I got to the club, most of the girls were in jeans and sneakers. Okay, I feel a tad-bit over-dressed; I was wearing a hot pink and black bikini dress with some black heels (mistake – my dogs were aching before midnight). They played rap 98% of the night (boooo – can’t dance to rap) but nonetheless it was fun.

I don’t drink but one or two times a year if at all. I had a Gin & Juice though, and that was enough for me. See, you don’t know you’re drunk until its too late and when you are not a drinker, it’s very easy to get tipsy. In a few minutes I found myself teetering to the stool (in heels). I sat down when low and behold, I happened to glance to my left and saw this:

Some girl’s butt in my face.

Most of the night I sat at the table listening to the music. I saw my old friend Terrence, the barber who everyone made fun of in high school because he always wore cowboy boots. I did not look down to see if he was still wearing cowboy boots. And I saw a really big girl dancing in a really tight pink skirt until my sister came over and told me that’s a boy. (Not a *man* but a boy) … the bad thing was that I knew the boy’s father.


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