Yesterday I went over to Norfolk to see my pops. I was not all that thrilled about going over there; I mean really, after you have not seen someone say in like little over a decade, and they never made an effort to come see you … but you live less than 10 miles away, and they never made an effort to call you … but they have both your work and home number, why should I be giddy about it? Nonetheless I went. He had called my cell and left a voice message about the college money yada, yada, yada.

So I get there in just enough time to see his girlfriend drive off and as I pull up, his phone rings and its his girlfriend, obviously mad. Not at me though, although I know she does not like me because when my old man had mentioned about marrying her I told him “don’t”. She’s mad because I guess she thinks my Mom is with me and she thinks my pops still has the hots for my Mom. My car windows are tinted so she was not able to see that I was alone, but either way, what difference does it make? Why should she get mad because he had a relationship with someone 26 years ago? But anyway, I was kind of happy to see him when I got there, but I had my back turned to him as I was rolling up my windows and an odor hit my nose … liquor. The first thing that came out of my mouth, “You’ve been drinking” and he replies, “Yeh, I’m fucked up” then he proceeds to legalize why he is drunk with the lame excuse that it’s his day off and he has the right to get drunk. Sure, yeah, you have the right but not when you arrange to see someone you have not seen forever, so this is the image I have in my mind of him. First, and long overdue, impressions do count.

I was disappointed about all this mainly because I brought my camera to take pictures since I don’t have any of him, but certainly not while he was drunk. I had planned to spend some time with him but I don’t like hanging around habitual drinkers. Sooooooo I went into his house and the first thing he comes out his mouth with was he did not have the money BUT he wanted to show me how to run his studio.

Okay … let’s stop and think people. Studio. Studio. Now why on earth would I want to help him run his studio when he is 26 years in debt on a child support bill? This is the reason why I don’t like talking to drunk people because you don’t know if they are serious. Then, the topping on the cake was he says that I have 5 other siblings (who I don’t know because I never met them) and one other girl who he has been supporting I guess through all the years, he and his mother helped her through Morgan State financially … BUT ME he could not. Asshole.

But why should I even be surprised? I’m not. I’m just surprised he would stand there and tell me that, but then again, he was drunk so I don’t know if he really meant to tell me that or was trying to bite his tongue. Then he proceeds to drag on and on about how there are complications when it comes to me and my family, blah, blah, blah … yawn on. So I said I wanted to leave now. Then he says you need to meet Aunt Agnes & Sis. So I met them. They were the only cool events on my visit that day. Aunt Agnes had to be pushin like 70 years old, but she was very funny; and Sis was too (that’s her name, she is not my sister).

The only thing Aunt Agnes said that I didn’t like was I looked more like my pops than the rest of his children. That is not a compliment. Then they go on and start talking about how they were Masons of the Eastern Star and my pops dragged on about how he wanted me to become a member but Ag said I could not join until my pops comleted his whatever as a Prince, whatever. First of all, I don’t know what the Order of the Eastern Star is or what they do. And second, I am not big on becoming “one of many”, my main reason why I don’t swing to hot with religion. As far as I am concerned, the “Eastern Starers” drive around at parades in little miniature English cars with little red pots on their heads. I know nothing more than that about them. So I checked around on the web for them and what I find so ironic about them is their symbol. The pentacle I have on my web site … only I put that on the web site on June 22nd … I didn’t find out about my family and the Eastern Star until yesterday, June 24th. Oooooo spooky Moulder.

I asked my mom about the Eastern Star and she said my grandmother was a Mason as well but she had dropped out of it because she felt it had something to do with witchcraft but she never went into details as to what. Aunt Ag says that I can only enter after a male member of my family though, I would not be able to claim membership behind my grandmother. Then after, I can join and it would open doors for me. Hmmmm. I’m going to look more into it. Anyone who knows more about it than I do, feel free to drop me a line

On with the story, after our visit with Ag & Sis, he asks me to take him to the store to get another 6-pack. No-hosay this is not happening to me. Instead, I took him home and told him I am not supporting his habit. I told him if he wants a beer, he is going to have to walk to it because I am not going to drive him to his death. He kept begging and begging, so I drove him home and I followed suit right back to my own home.

I feel like I’m takin crazy pills.


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