My week is once again going pretty damn rotten so I’m feelin down in the dumps. I put on some Yo Yo Ma’s Solo Cello Suite by Bach, so its really helping (I love Bach & Vivaldi) not to mention Corelli has some nice solo cello pieces as well; I only feel relaxed when I’m with music whether listening to it or talking about it with others who are also interested in it – classical musicwise. Hey, I just checked out Ma’s web site and ironically he just released Vivaldi’s cello suite! How uncanny! I have always wanted his Bach cello suites (mainly so I could practice to it) but it’s so expensive; it’s usually around $30 retail. I could only imagine how much the Vivaldi is although it’s definately on my “get list”.

Without it I turn into a mad woman; I literally fall into a state of depression but no one seems to understand that. Tomorrow I plan on going to the music store and look for some new music to play; maybe even to the library to see if they have any classics to checkout. I think a lot of my frustration is coming simply from not having any “me” time; I have not sat down and played in what has felt like weeks but I have not played in about 2 weeks and that is enough to drive me simply madd. See, my house is full, there’s my Mother, the baker and the candlestick maker. In total, there are 7 people in this small two bedroom apartment. Just me and Mom and my husband liveth here but then there is my Mom’s couch-potato boyfriend whom I abhore.

That makes four. Then my sister is here everyday although she does not technically live here, and she has two kids, a 5 mont and a 3 year old. Then occasionally her friend comes over with her 3 little boys, and then her friend comes over with her boy, and sometimes the neighbor comes over with his little girl to play with the other 3 kids who are old enough to play. This house is a maddhouse.

So, I have no privacy; it’s at about 1%. I have no quiet to play my music and when everyone is gone at work or the children are gone, there is ALWAYS at least one person here. I can’t conjure up the emotions to play when there are people conversing or children running between my legs. Ahhh Yo Yo Ma … the calm before the storm.


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