So I finally did it … sold he CRX. I’m not as sad about it as I thought I would be … perhaps because I know deep in the back of my mind I’d never get it fixed up. lol. I thought about the money that I would dump into it and came to the conclusion, if I had the $3000 to put the B16 and new tranny in it and everything … would I *Really* dump that much dough in this car or spend it on something else?

Knowing me, I’d rather spend it on something else. I posted it to Craiglist for $200 and it sold like in 5 minutes. Literally. No joke. Sold to a guy in Portsmouth. I got lots of phone calls and emails too so it would have eventually sold to someone. He said he worked on cars and would get it back on the road. That’s what I want to hear. Very good car and I’ll always remember it as my first car love.



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