Tonight I had the morbid honor of hearing a murder in the parking lot in front of my house. Yeah, excellent. Apparently in the middle of a heated discussion, some girl blew the brains out of the boy’s head. Great … just great. Would’ve been a little more easy to deal with … if I had NOT heard it. Even more reason to move the hell up out of here. I have two bullet holes through my apartment and now a murder to add to my repertoire when it comes time for the violins to play at the rental office if they ask why I want to break my lease.

This place is unsafe and unfit to live because assholes think its fun to play with guns. ILLEGAL guns at that. They carry semi-automatics out here for what reason? To play cowboys and Indians. The last friend I had who thought it was fun to play with guns, accidently shot his friend in the ass and he had to go to the hospital. Luckily he wasn’t hurt too bad and it was a laughable situation. I mean, what point is there to prove? If they are shooting each other over drugs, what gain to it is that? I don’t understand how they can sell drugs but still be broke? Might as well find a real job! If they want to stand on the corner so bad, they could easily find a job as a construction worker and bring home a banging-ass paycheck.

The sad thing is that there are ALOT of people out here like that. They sit at home, wait for the first of the month when their welfare checks come through and then burn it all up on nonsense such as excess clothes, drugs, liquor, etc, before the end of the month is up. Then they wine about how they “ain’t got no money” or how broke they are. Welfare is meant to stay on temporarily to get back on your feet … not to stay lying on your back. It is NOT income, it’s a hand-out. I have been born and raised in the ghetto but my Mother never raised any of us like that; she didn’t stand for laziness. I’m not saying all of them are like that, but it just seems like 90% of the inhabitants here don’t work, or make excuses not to work, sell drugs and all types of other bullshit or involve theirselves with bullshit and then wonder why they don’t have anything.


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