Last week I set out looking for a new place to stay; the bad thing is that a new place in a decent neighborhood is very fuckin expensive. Even the “low-income” housing is high income and besides, it would be like moving from the fire to the inferno. I live in the projects, but damn, I mean come on … really. It’s like when you pay for an apartment, you’re paying for the neighborhood, strugglin to stay alive in that muthfucka. In my honest opinion, I don’t care about amenities since I don’t own the place. Why can’t I live in the projects, pay low rent, and not have to dodge bullets every night in the process? I would not care if the apartment looked fucked up; hell, I don’t own it. Wouldn’t want to. I just want a roof over my head to save up until I could buy a house. That’s it.

The real delimma is that I live with my Mom, and trying to find a place with the same or close to the same amount of rent is hard without moving into the neighborhood with the same crime problem. The rent has to be around the same because when I move out, which I eventually will, I want my Mom to be able to afford the rent on her own. Of course with our combined income we could find a kickass place, but she would not be able to afford the place when I move out. So, in a nutshell, that’s what it boils down to why I’m in a predicament.

My Mom says that she may as well stay where she is; over my dead fuckin body! I would never leave my Mom staying somewhere I wouldn’t want to stay myself. Now I’ll admit, I’m a little high maintenence, but I don’t want my Mom staying in this hell hole.


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